Monthly Drawer Round-Up


Alrighty it’s time to show off your drawers.  Don’t be afraid, you’re among friends 🙂

Haven’t organized your drawer yet?  No problem, you still have time.  I’ll leave this round-up open until Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 pm PST for you to link up.   Need some inspiration?  Check out my post on Organizing a Junk Drawer.

This month I’ll be personally selecting the winner and that winner will receive The Ultimate To-Do List Pack from the Get Organized Wizard!

The Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Home & Family Edition contains more than 250 To-Do Lists, Schedules, Planners & Organizers. With these easy-to-use lists you can overcome the chaos and overwhelm of a busy home and family life – and restore order and harmony.

Everything’s covered – including:

  • Daily & Weekly To Do List Templates
  • Rosters, Budgets, Shopping Lists & Calendars
  • Packing Lists, Chore Lists, Homework & Chore Charts
  • Decision Grids, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners
  • Contact Lists, Babysitter Data Sheets & Checklists
  • Home Improvement Lists, Logs, Meal & Healthy Eating Planners
  • Grocery Lists, Pet Details and much, much more.

The lists are all beautifully laid out in a fully interactive PDF.  You can simply print and use or you can enter text on screen, save, print and re-use.  The choice is yours.

I’ll be looking for someone that actively followed the PROCESS steps to tackle their project and includes both before and after pictures in their post.  Also please be kind and link directly to your drawer post and not to your home page to make it easier for us to find the link in the future.

More details about past round-ups can be found here.

Have fun!

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6 Responses to Monthly Drawer Round-Up

  1. 1
    se7en says

    Oh dear… I really thought I could manage a drawer a week – I only have four (saved the worst till last) drawers left to go after a huge drawer clean up a couple of months ago… but no I managed to watch our newborn grow from zero to four weeks instead… In the scheme of life drawers will always be there, but this little guy will only be fresh for a short while. Drawers can wait!!!

  2. 2
    Jena OrganizingMommy says

    I did two drawers in my dining room. I was hoping to do more, but it got me started!

  3. 3
    Jarnette says

    I had completed this Round Up on Friday, with intentions to post that evening. Saturday flew by with no time to post and then I didn’t make the time cut off…daylight savings. Ugh! But to my delight I visited your blog to find an extention had been given…hence, my post and blessing to participate afterall. 😉

    Not many drawers ~ but manys hands, so they always need to be done. 🙂

  4. 4
    Dara says

    Laura, I’m sorry I posted my link in the wrong roundup! You can delete mine here.

  5. 5
    A Mom Anonymous says

    I did all of my kitchen drawers. However, I didn’t enter the contest partially because I wasn’t sure I would use the give away products and didn’t want to take away from someone who would. And I didn’t take many pictures! I forgot to take before pictures. They look great now but were really awful before. I’m happy with the results! So you did inspire me to organize my kitchen drawers which has been on my mental to-do list for quite some time!


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