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Welcome to another week!  Have you heard the exciting news yet?  The famous Pioneer Woman has started a new recipe/community site called Tasty Kitchen!  I’ve been hanging out there for the past couple of days drooling over all the delicious recipes and trying to decide which ones I wanted to add to my menu plan.  So great, be sure to check it out!

This week I’d like to make a freezer meal for a friend that is just getting out of the hospital and would love your help figuring out what to make.  I have a number of recipes that are your standard spaghetti sauce/mozza cheese pasta type dish but I’d prefer to do something a little different.  Do you have a favorite go to freezer meal recipe that you make for a family in need?   Please share the link in the comments if you can.  Thanks!

Our recipe highlight of last week was the Tortellini Marinara recipe.  Such a quick and simple meal to throw together and it was yummy.  Next time I’d probably throw in some peppers as well just to add some veggies.   Did you have a favorite recipe from last week?

Here’s what we’ll be eating this coming week:

Monday: Enchilada Casserole

Tuesday: Heather’s Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

Wednesday: Teriyaki Tenderloin served with perogies and broccoli

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Mexican-Style Ravioli

Saturday: Company’s coming over ~  Steak and Vegetable Kabobs served with Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad and Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies for dessert (the last two are new recipes for me)

Simple Supper Sunday

Need some more dinner ideas?

Check out my Family Favorite Recipe Index.


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46 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ July 20th

  1. 1
    Christy says

    Sounds good…especially the steak kabobs!

  2. 2
    Rita says

    What I love about Menu Plan Mondays is that, when I get tapped out for menu ideas, I can come here for inspiration. Such was it tonight before my visit. Thanks for hosting this!

  3. 5
    Martha says

    Your meal plans sound wonderful this week! I haven’t been keeping up with pioneer woman lately, guess I better get over there and check things out!

    One of my favorites for the freezer is slow cooker pulled pork. I just posted it at the Krazy Kitchen this weekend –

    It’s so easy to make, cheap for huge batches if you buy in bulk and freezes just fine! 🙂

  4. 6
    Christine says

    Can’t wait to check out the new pioneer woman website! Thanks!

  5. 7
    Amy @ Finer Things says

    I’m a rebel. 🙂 I like to take a breakfast casserole with fruit and muffins or cinnamon rolls to a family in need. (Then they can eat it for a big breakfast or lighter supper.) I’m always thanked for bringing something DIFFERENT! We were even told once, “Oh, thank you for not bringing enchiladas.” 🙂

    Here are some recipes:

    Breakfast Casserole –

    Chocolate Pudding Zucchini Muffins –

    Lots of other muffins on my recipes page –

  6. 9
    Magen says

    YAY! This was my first time linking to MPM and the menu looks yummy! I post recipes, and pictures throughout the week so be sure to check it out I also have a recipe contest going on right now that needs more contestants!!!! Have a Great week!


  7. 10
    Monica @ DailyDwelling says

    Everything sounds wonderful! I usually do the standard spaghetti casserole, but I am definitely interested in hearing everyone else’s ideas for freezer dishes.

  8. 11
    Alea says

    Oh, the brownies sound so good!

    If other people will also be bringing meals I like to find out what they are planning on bringing. If others are going to bring a lot of Italian food or chicken, I can bring something with a different flavor. (I hope that make sense.)

    Some of my standard freezer meals include:
    White Chili and Corn Bread
    Chicken Pot Pie

  9. 12
    Tamara says

    I have my menu up on my blog. My favourite freezer meals include any form of pie and slow cooker meals. In fact I test drive anything for freezing once I have made it fresh.

  10. 13
    JessieG says

    I just have to say that MPM here at Org Junkie has made a HUGE difference in our life at the Geroux Home.

    Please take a moment to read my post about how Meal Plan Monday has helped me get my son with autism to eat new foods after 6 years of eating the same old things!

    The above post is also about my favorite meal from last week Cheesy Kielbasa Bake which when you make it as the recipe calls for makes 2 batches (1 for now 1 to freeze) White it is “italiany” I think it is different enough to stand out among the old lasagna so I would highly recommend it for a friend as a freezer meal!

  11. 14
    Heather says

    Chicken Spaghetti is a great one. I like this one:,1741,128184-254193,00.html

    I also like the suggestion of breakfast for dinner. You could easily make waffles or pancakes and freeze. Or you could make my favorite brunch offering – French Toast Casserole:

    Pot Roast w/ veggies would also be yummy…and something they could eat for dinner as is or put as sandwiches for lunch. Good luck!!!

  12. 15
    Susie's Homemade says

    Gosh…everything looks so good!! I don’t know which I will try first:-)

  13. 17
    Cheryl says

    I love perogies! Potato and onion are my favorite!!

  14. 18
    Lori says

    Thanks for letting me post! This is my 2nd time posting, knowing I have to come post makes me more accountable! LOL

  15. 19
    Shannon says

    I make this casserole for things like a new baby or coming home from the hospital. It is easy to make and so far I have not found anyone that has not liked it. I do vary it; I leave out the chicken and add more vegetables for those that don’t eat meat. I get those aluminum roasting pans when I make it for someone else so there is no worry about getting my pans back.

  16. 20
    Frugal Friend says

    A different freezer dinner for a friend would be pot roast! As long as there are no potatoes, these reheat fine and are just as delicious.

    Also, the freezer meal does not have to be cooked completely. You could assemble the meal and your friend would just pop in the oven to cook.

    I like
    because you can choose the freezer recipe for a half batch (for 2-4 servings). And you can print a custom shopping list based on the recipes you choose!

  17. 21
    Lisa says

    I’ll have to try the teriyaki tenderloin. Thanks for the great recipes.

  18. 22
    [email protected] says

    Thanks for the update on Pioneer Woman, I haven’t had time to get to her site in awhile. And the Enchilada Cass. sounds great.
    Thanks for hosting!

  19. 24
    kat says

    I find a good homemade chicken soup is always so soothing & freezes well

  20. 25
    laura says

    I’m new to linking here, though i’ve read menu plan monday several times. you all are inspirational!!


  21. 27
    Kirsten says

    One would not necessarily think that a recipe that contains sour cream and potatoes would freeze well, but I have had fairly good results freezing this one:

    It definitely needs some extra stirring during or after the baking process when made from the freezer, but the taste and texture is still pleasing after being in the freezer.

  22. 28
    Gudrun says

    what time should we be there for ooey-gooey brownies on Saturday 😉

    Great menu! And for your friend, maybe a summer minestrone, with all the squash and tomatoes available? Freezes well, and they can add Parmesan right before serving.

  23. 29
    sabrina i says

    My neighbor made this casserole for me when I had my daughter in April. It’s not a pasta dish, but it’s DELISH and pretty easy to make and great to freeze. It’s a swiss cheese chicken broccoli stuffing bake. Here’s the recipe
    I added 1/2 C to 1 full C of broccoli to make it a full meal. Very easy and very good.

  24. 32
    Laura says

    The steak kabobs sound delicious!!

  25. 34
    Donna says

    The Chicken Bruschetta Pasta sounds yummy!

  26. 35
    Stacee says

    I can’t wait to check out Tasty Kitchen! Thanks for the recommendation!

  27. 36
    denise says

    Thanks for all the wonderful menus from everyone. I can always find something new here for me to make for my family

  28. 37
    Christa says

    Yum, can I come to your house Saturday for dessert. How could Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies be anything but awesome?

  29. 38
    Becky says

    Right now I have cheesy biscuits and bbq chicken in the oven. An old favorite of ours. Probably serve it with fresh blueberries I bought today. Tomorrow I’ll have crockpot pork roast and bread and veggies. Wed–something with shrimp cuz it was on sale for $2.99 lb–fresh from the NW!! That’s all I’ve got planned so far. I’ve had a busy weekend but have been keeping up with my house, laundry and kitchen wise. You can read more about the weekend on my blogspot soon. Come on by!! Take care!!

  30. 39
    Audrey says

    I almost always eat either cheese or chicken enchiladas. This beef casserole sounds delicious, I’ve bookmarked it.

  31. 40
    purple moose says

    Well, I don’t have a recipe for you per se. . . but enchiladas freeze well, lasagne too (but that’s saucy noodles with cheese.) How about quiche?

  32. 42
    Jenny says

    Sorry I’m late for this week!

  33. 43
    Danielle says

    My favorite lasagnas both freeze well! For Spring:
    (Be careful if you double it; the white sauce burns easily. You might find it easier to do in two batches or two pots)

    For Fall, when the butternut squash and kales are everywhere:

    They’re both a bit putzy, but so worth it! You could make one for your freezer and one for your friend’s using two 8×8’s for either of these.

    An easier option might be a soup. Everyday Food had a simple orzo soup last summer:

    My favorite meal from last week’s plan (or unplan–I went spontaneous) was a blueberry buckle. I hit the farmer’s market during the last hour and they were practically giving them away! I used Martha’s recipe, subbing white wheat flour and blueberries…it was yummy!

  34. 44
    Pamela says

    Oops, I just have one link, and it’s the same as last week – lentil brown rice casserole. It’s a good one though!


  35. 45
    Misslionheart says

    I’ve been too busy to plan a menu for a while now, but so glad I checked in here today!

    Come see what I’ve been up to….

  36. 46
    Robin M says

    I’m a first timer! It’s highly likely that I did this wrong, too. 🙁 Thanks for the great ideas!


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