Organizing Recipes Round-up!

Updated to add: The winner of the Storage magazine is Macy at A Quiet Life!  Congratulations!


Whew we made it!  I hope over this past month I’ve been able to get you thinking about your recipes and how to organize or re-organize them.  I hope you’ll join me here today to share your success story with us.  I’m excited to see what system works for you, what organizational tools you find helpful and even whether or not you were able to part with any cookbooks.  I can’t believe I even brought that up again after the last outcry.  Please don’t hurt me 🙂

I was very happy to give my own recipe binders a face lift and get all my loose recipes filed away.  Something I might not have bothered with without this challenge giving me the push I needed.  It feels good!

Please link up below to a post on your site that shows us both your before and after pictures and remember to use the direct link to your round-up post and not to your homepage.  That’s helpful for those of us who might not get a chance to take a peek at your post until later.  Also, as a courtesy, if you are going to participate please be kind and link back to this post within your post.

Those that link up before Sunday at 6:00 pm PST will be eligible to win a copy of the Early Spring 2009 Better Homes & Garden’s most excellent Storage Magazine.   The lucky winner will be selected randomly from the Mr. Linky list below.


I hope you hang in there with me next month as we move on to our pictures and keepsakes.  Yikes, I’m twitching a little bit already.

For more info on Org Junkie’s Monthly Round-Up and how to participate please visit here.

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20 Responses to Organizing Recipes Round-up!

  1. 2
    Jill Scott says

    Yay! I’m so happy you have Mr. Linky up. I’ve been checking all day. Thanks for hosting these round-ups. I love them.

  2. 3
    Roan says

    Thank you so much for this roundup. I have been needing to purge and organize my recipes for years!

  3. 4
    griselda says

    thank you for the motivation, I need it

  4. 5
    Jennifer says

    I am in need of some “coupon organizing” advice. How you you plan/organize your coupon shopping?

  5. 6
    micki says

    Oh I didn’t take a before picture! Can I just post a nice after picture and a great success story?

  6. 7
    Barbara H. says

    I’m linking to a post I did a while back — hope that’s ok! I keep the same system as I explained there and just update it occasionally.

    I’d love that magazine! Storage is an issue in this house.

  7. 8
    Laura says

    Sure Micki, that’s fine as long as it’s from the last month. Thanks!

    Barbara, no problem to link up an old post but the prize will be for those that have gotten their recipes organized over the last month. Hope you understand.


  8. 9
    Bethany says

    I did some pics but due to my health problems I am still trying to get off the couch and trying to organize my home. I love the blog

  9. 10
    Heather says

    Thanks for all the great Ideas. I loved participating this month

  10. 11
    debi b says

    Excited to see this.
    I am going to be signing up to join in on all of this with my recipe blog.
    I need something to organize myself a bit, esp. with this lousy economy…

  11. 12
    Heidi Boos says

    This was just the motivation I needed to help get me a little more serious with my menu planning. Step by step, I am setting up a system that I hope will be successful!

  12. 13
    Monica says

    My cupboards and recipes thank you! I needed that!

  13. 14
    Joyce says

    Whew…I barely made the deadline. This was first time doing the round-up, and I have to admit it was a lot of fun. We’re glad to have de-cluttered a bit, and it will make menu planning a lot easier. I can’t wait for next month’s round-up…and other ones as well, but don’t know if I’ll get around those the ones past May as we are expecting baby #2! Hooray for everyone who participated!

  14. 15
    Ashley says

    I am a little late to this one…but had a recipe post in my archives and wanted to play along! Great ideas! 🙂


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