Some fun craft/sewing workstations

Today I wanted to share some neat workstations I’ve found online.  I like that they don’t take up much space and look to be very functional.  I heart functional!

The Elfa System from the Container Store

Foldaway Mobile Workcenter from Get Organized!

Mobile Cart from

Triple Utility Table from Solutions

Sauder Craft Armoire – Antiqued White

My favorite is probably the first one, I can see so many great uses for it.  How about you?


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29 Responses to Some fun craft/sewing workstations

  1. 3
    Michelle says

    my favorite is the last one, though I can’t see I’d frequently have it tidy enough to close the doors :)

  2. 4
    Kelli@GohnCrazy says

    Oh I just lust that sewing armoire! Love that it tucks neatly away behind the doors.

  3. 5
    Traci says

    I heart them all, but my favorite would have to be #1.

  4. 6
    Bevin says

    I loved them all! I did like the last one the best too. I found an item similar but a little bigger for us extreme craft lovers, and it looks like it’s from the same company. It’s the Scrapbook Cabinet and Workstation. There’s a HUGE one from them too if you look at the whole category. Great ideas!

  5. 7
    The Roost says

    I think the first one is my favorite…Although they all offer something appealing. Have a great weekend!

  6. 8
    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings says

    I’ve had my eye on the first one for quite some time now. I’m not sure where I would put it since I feel like I’ve used up every nook and cranny of my house, but I would love it for a gift wrap station for sure. Maybe if I clear out a bookshelf or two that isn’t being used enough for its purpose.

  7. 9
    ~Amy says

    I’m drooling. :)

  8. 11
    Cindy says

    The foldaway work station is what I’m looking for for sewing!! It would work best for me and my needs.

  9. 12
    JanMary, N Ireland says

    Just what I need – now need to work on paying for the shipping!!!

    Great inspiration. Thanks.

  10. 13
    Kim says

    Great minds think alike – my favorite was #1 too!!!

  11. 14
    Sarah says

    Have you ever seen The Original Scrapbox? It could be dangerous to your wallet, but once you see it, you’ll have dreams about it forevermore.

    It now comes in 2 sizes. :-)

    Incidentally, I need to Google Canadian Tire. I have no idea what this store is, but I saw it in one of the comments, and I’ve seen it in your other posts, but apparently, they don’t sell tires. :-S

  12. 15
    Coco says

    Uh Oh, guess what I want for Christmas?

    Thanks for posting these, we (okay I) have been looking for something to store my craft supplies since my future craft room is going to be rooming with guest bedroom. Though I think if I have guest I’ll sleep in with my craft stuff and they can have my room. Gotta protect my territory.

  13. 16
    Laura says

    I am in the process of redesigning my very small craft room, these are some great items I could add! Now if you could only solve my wasted closet space problem … :)
    Thanks for the ideas!

  14. 17
    Sarah Mason says

    Canadian Tire does sell tires, but much much more!

  15. 18
    Pamela says

    I want #3! It would be so great for my classroom, I could put everything I need all day in there and then just roll it around to fill or empty it! No more lugging stacks of paper and files around! Yipee!

  16. 19
    Shannon says

    I’m drooling over the last two!! They are perfect – love them! I think the key for me is not to buy anymore craft items, then I wouldn’t need a new place to store them :-).

  17. 20
    Megan @ Disorder2Order says

    I am so glad you did this post… I just unpacked all my scrap stuff and I have to say, the wheels are churning on what I would like to do differently. In time I guess, but I am bookmarking these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  18. 21
    Barb says

    I love these pictures! I love organization. I have a huge scrapbook/craft room that I am organizing. I will send you some pictures of it.

  19. 22
    Lisa says

    Ok, I Have to have the last one (I really need several all lined up together, but who has room for that?!) I love the Elfa systems though. I have them all around the house for various uses. Here’s my favorite

    Love the blog. I can relate to being organizing obsessed. :)

  20. 24
    Dodie Caffese says

    I have just discovered your site. I love getting suggestions from anyone who loves scrapping the way I do. I am oco. Obsessive compulsive organizer. I am re-doing my scrapping room from top to bottom. Walls,floors and closets. Starting with a clean slate. So all and any suggestions are great for me. I would like to have in the center of the room a worktable that has shelves or cubbies on either side for reachable supplies. Something in white. If you have suggestions or a site with something like this and all the other organizing storage items please let me know. Keep up your great site.

  21. 25
    Abi J says

    I love the first idea :)

  22. 28
    Bboz says

    My mom fist found this at fleet farm and when it came time for me to have something like this, it took me months to find one. I found it on I love it.


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