Menu Plan Monday ~ April 7th

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a nice week. First thing up I have to tell you how much I loved the Taco Salad Bowl recipe I made last week. So delicious and easy to make. It was also easy enough to adjust the recipe to make it lower in fat too. I used extra lean ground beef, Weight Watchers 100% whole wheat tortillas and low fat Miracle Whip. Yummy, yum, yum, yum!!

I also want to tell you about a great gluten free site for those of you avoiding gluten. Gluten Free Mommy is a terrific blog with many recipes and resources. She also runs a Gluten Free Menu Swap for gluten free menu planners that you might be interested in.

Have you entered my giveaway yet? I’m giving away a $200.00 to the Container Store!

So here is what’s on my menu this week:

Monday: Special Egg Salad served with soup

Tuesday: Daughter’s 11th Birthday and this is her request ~Hearty Hash Brown Dinner

Wednesday: Chicken Pulled Sandwiches (carried over from last week) served with Caesar Salad

Thursday: Dijon Grilled Pork Chops served with BBQ Potato Wedges

Friday: Leftover buffet

Saturday: Dinner out with hubbie!


Menu Plan Monday guidelines are here.

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  1. 1
    andi says

    I can’t believe it, I am number 6. That’s a first. Tonight I did have my menu for the week posted, and came here and yours wasn’t up yet, I was shocked, then I went to post a recipe and came back, and yours was up with 5 people already. Wow.
    anyway.. Your menu sounds yummy as usual.

  2. 2
    SilverMoon says

    First time commenting, but I’ve been linking here for a few weeks. Just wanted to say thank you for running this. It’s always my first stop when I have holes in my menu plan, even if I can’t find some of the more “American” ingredients. It’s neat to know that people on another continent are looking at what we’re having for dinner too!

    And if not for this site, I’d have never found the blog that first pointed me to Pioneer Woman’s infamous Apple Dumplings, which are evil, and made me put on at least a few pounds! (Not sure how much a pound is in kilos, but as I don’t have scales to check myself, I’m sure it’s academic anyway 😉 )

  3. 3
    PlanningQueen says

    We like to let the birthday child choose the meal for their birthday dinner as well. Hope you have a great time and as usual an impressively organised menu plan!

  4. 4
    Natalie says

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope your week goes well!

  5. 5
    magpie says

    This is fun 🙂

  6. 6
    Susanne says

    Happy Birthday to your girl! Her chosen dinner sounds yummy!

  7. 7
    Michelle says

    oh it all sounds so good.especially the chicken sandwiches..thank you for hosting every week..

  8. 8
    mjpuzzlemom says

    Happy birthday to your dd. Looks like a delicious week. Thanks for hosting MPM!


  9. 9
    Forgetfulone says

    That taco salad sounds yummy, and pretty healthy, too.

    I never thought about putting cream cheese in egg salad. Very intersting.

    The hash brown dinner sounds a lot like the meal in one I’m cooking Tuesday. I used

    Thanks for including links to your recipes.

  10. 10
    Kysha says

    mmmm! I love your menu. It looks quick and yummy. Just my kind of meal.

  11. 11
    Tess says

    I’ve managed to do this for the first time and I hope it will be the first of many! Menu Planning went by the wayside when I had my health problems and breakdown last year but now hopefully I’ve got it up and running again.

  12. 12
    jennP says

    I love participating in your monday menu planning. I started a few weeks ago and it seems mealtimes have been MUCH better, we’ve been eating healthier, and I have stayed more motivated to cook up something after a work day! (mainly because I plan ahead!)

    Our daughters have the same birthday 🙂 It is my daughter’s 6th bday of Tuesday. Happy birthday to your daughter! Almost a teenager!

  13. 13
    Heather says

    A date? I am quite jealous.

  14. 14
    Sheila says

    Thanks for hosting this! Love the ideas!

  15. 15
    Allie says

    I’m thankful that you allow us to link our menu plans to yours. It’s helped me to eat at home so much more than I did in the past. You’re a blessing!

    I’ve already cooked this week’s dinners (I haven’t prepared the lunches yet). Now, we’re guaranteed something to eat (at home!) every night this week! See for pictures of my cooking bonanza from last night!


  16. 16
    Mom24 says

    I’ve been loosely planning menus for years, but somehow, this format is a little tighter, and it’s helping me take a good look at what we’re eating and how much we’re eating. That is helping me to be more accurate in my shopping and not waste so much. I have really learned the lesson that the most expensive food is what you throw away! Thank you for this format.

  17. 18
    [email protected] says

    Isn’t it great it’s nice enough so we can grill now!?! Have a great dinner with your husband Saturday, and have fun with your daughter on her birthday. As always, thank you so much for MPM!!

  18. 19
    Andria says

    Those look great!

  19. 20
    Wifey says

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Thanks for hosting MPM! Have a wonderful week!

  20. 21
    Margaret says

    Thursday is my daughter’s birthday so she planned that days meals. Thanks for hosting this, I love getting new ideas!

  21. 22
    Shawn says

    Finally getting back into the swing of things after being on vacation and then my plans getting out of whack last week.

    I’m even ahead a bit since I’ve already started planning the rest of April’s menus. : )

  22. 23
    Barbara says

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    I have a Lime Garlic Chicken recipe up this week, my favorite way to prepare chicken.

  23. 24
    jen says

    Your menu sounds great as usual….the taco salad bowl sounds really good…I may try it….and egg salad…really yummy!

  24. 25
    TheCFONow says

    I just did my first menu plan! Wahoo! This is such a great idea

  25. 26
    Deanna says

    Only four days to cook this week because we are going to New Orleans Friday!

  26. 27
    sandy says

    Hi Laura – I love that you are putting photos with your menus!
    Happy Monday! I made the best pot roast over the weekend. I cooked it all night long (in horseradish! YUM).


  27. 29
    JJ - Lady Di says

    Your menu looks great, and way to go with lightening that recipe! 🙂

    I cheated this time and used a menu plan that was in USA Today originally that uses recipes from Cooking Light’s new cookbook (which I’m sure can be found on

  28. 30
    Niki says

    Great menu this nice you let your children pick their birthday dinner!


  29. 32
    Marianne says

    Sorry it still says first post…there has not been enough coffee today! I’m really enjoying everyone’s meals and getting tons of inspiration! What is this date thing you speak of?? LOL

  30. 33
    Melissa says

    This is my first post for Menu Plan Monday! I’m excited to be part of this – hopefully I did it right! LOL!

  31. 34
    Donna says

    Thanks for inspiring me to blog and post my menu’s!

  32. 35
    LaDonna says

    This is my first time (forgot to post that on Mr. Linky) and it’s not a really good post, but it’s what I came up with for the week. Trying to eat what’s in the house.

  33. 36
    NH Mom of 3 says

    Just posted my new plan, the second one listed here — thanks again to all for the support and inspiration!

  34. 37
    Stephanie says

    Hi there – I’m new! I just wanted to thank you for hosting Meal Planning Monday. I found your site a few months ago and have used it for inspiration and ideas. I’ve just started a blog to track a challenge I’m doing – to spend as little as possible on food by eating from our pantry and freezer for one month. Meal planning is the only way this will be possible.

  35. 39
    Tracy says

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday!

    I accidentally added my whole website to the Menu Planning List rather than the specific post. I’m sorry! I’ll get it right next time! =)

  36. 40
    oh amanda says

    That egg salad looks delish! I posted my 2nd MPM b/c last week was such a hit (with my fam, not necessarily on my blog! lol!!)


  37. 41
    D Wheeler says

    Thank you! I love finding new recipes and saving on my grocery bill and stress by doing Menu Plan Mondays!

  38. 42
    Angelique says

    Im new to this- I hope i can keep up! Im excited to give this a try!

    Thanks to everyone for the great ideas!

  39. 43
    Mamosa says

    I’m new here! I need this!

  40. 45
    Queen B says

    I made your taco salad bowls tonight…the whole family loved them!


  41. 46
    Michele says

    …and I’m a tad bit behind 🙂

  42. 47
    jackie says

    What a wonderful idea!

  43. 48
    Vampy Lady says

    Third time posting a menu for me; the last 2 weeks just got away from me.
    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but I try to plan my meals around sales when I can. If you don’t get your supermarket fliers in the mail you can check them online, most are updated Sunday mornings.
    I’m old to blogging but new to keeping up with it LOL I hope to get more involved with it & participate in more group things like MPM.
    Oh yeah, dates are those outings you used to go on before marriage ;p

  44. 49
    Sandy says

    My first time adding a link. I am a new blogger, and I am loving it.

    I started reading blogs and now I am addicted. 🙂

    So, I thought hmmm maybe I will start blogging too. I am still learning the ropes of it all, but I am enjoying the process.

  45. 50
    Mrs. Wilson says

    I have totally ditched Menu Plan Monday the last two weeks … moving is apparently stressful and makes me want to stay in bed all day eating icecream, which would not look good on a menu plan.


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