Howdy partners, it’s kitchen month!!!!!

Yay, it’s time to start organizing our kitchens ladies! How much fun will this be! Don’t you groan at me, it will be, you’ll see!! So to get us all in the mood I opened up my spice/baking corner lazy susan and got busy. I just did a complete overhaul on this cabinet a couple of months ago but over the holidays things got a little crazy on me.



I also had to find room for this little present I bought myself.


You know what those are? My atypical measuring cups that I have obsessed about ever since I first read about them on Pioneer Woman’s Christmas cookie tutorial! Imagine a 2/3 measuring cup….who knew?! I’m terrible at math, you have no idea how happy these make me. SO HAPPY!!

So out came the measuring cup basket. How many measuring cups does one person need? Really this is so not good.


And hello??? Why are there raisins in my measuring cup basket!? My family messes with me all the time. It’s so not funny!! Someone’s gonna get it!!

I did a little purging and it felt sooooo goooood! Oh yes it does and you can do it too and we’ll be high together. I’m like such an organizing drug dealer right now. Come on, you know you want to!


Ahhh that’s better, my basket can breathe again. Words of advice, always keep good care of your baskets. They are your friends.

Now look what else I discovered in my cabinet. You may want to close your eyes, it ain’t pretty.


That’s a big ol pile of chocolate chips, cranberries, raisins and whatever else people who bake actually use to make things. Apparently I should try it sometime. If someone out there has a bigger pile than this I want to know about it because I don’t think it’s possible!


So now it’s your turn!

Saddle up to your kitchen and rope in the clutter.

What area of your kitchen are you working on? Do a little, do a lot, just get busy!

I’ll be offering kitchen tips and encouragement over the next month but you’ll have to wait for it because I’m off to my own kitchen now to stuff my face with chocolate chips. A little birdie told me there were a few extra lying around 🙂


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63 Responses to Howdy partners, it’s kitchen month!!!!!

  1. 1
    Kim says

    You go girl! How excited am I to be #1! I am geared up about getting my kitchen in ORDER – I’ve got a head start though because I cheated and started in does that still count? I feel great anyway – no two ways about it. I am also on my 4th consecutive week of menu planning and I LOVE IT! Okay, so if you could convert me, you are a genius! Let me know if you need a new home for a 1 cup liquid measure (all the ink has worn off mine so it ain’t workin’ so good)! I promise I would give it a good home in my newly organized and “happy” kitchen! ysic, K.

  2. 2
    Jennifer says

    Wow, now that’s a pile of some chocolate chips! I got rid of most of mine with our move and haven’t bought any since.

    I’m so glad it’s Kitchen month because my kitchen and I need help! I’m looking forward to any tips you can give!

  3. 3
    Bonnie says

    HOORAY !! I’m sooooooo excited about this !! I’ve posted my before photos and can’t wait to get started !

    I had to laugh when I saw your measuring cup basket. Watch my “re-mix” on the post I linked to above and you’ll see that great minds do indeed think alike !


  4. 4
    Debi says

    Hmmm…when you first announced this year-long overhaul, I was so excited. Now that we’re set to begin, I’m not so sure. Oh, okay, just kidding (sort of).
    By the way, I think my pile just might be bigger…maybe I’ll tackle my Hoosier cabinet first and take to a picture of my baking stash for comparison sake.

  5. 5
    Tracy says

    I just came across your blog a couple weeks ago. This sounds like fun…since others will be working on their kitchen. That’s one of the last rooms that I have to organize and I am DREADING it.

    Good luck to everyone and happy organizing!

  6. 6
    Melissa says

    I just did my pantry & my top cabinets. I need to tackle my bottom cabinets, though. I’ll try to get that done this month. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. 7
    Jamie says

    My stepmom got me some atypical measuring cups last Christmas- I so love them!

  8. 8
    Carol says

    What perfect timing!
    I was planning to get started re-organizing my kitchen this weekend. We’re getting new counter tops and a frig with some of our tax return. That plus this is some great motivation!

  9. 9
    Ornery's Wife says

    Hmm. I thought all measuring cups came with a 2/3 cup. All mine have… I love it when you take pictures of your stuff! (and all your BASKETS!) 🙂

  10. 10
    Sara says

    hey, i saw your link a long time ago on bonnie’s blog but was rather intiminated so never stopped in. then bonnie posted this about the kitchen and her perfectly neat already pics and i had to stop by. i seriously must have the most unorganized kitchen ever. i have NO idea what to do with everything. my parents had a huge kitchen, but also had a thing hanging off the celing where they hung all the pots and pans. I don’t have room for that. My grandmother had a tiny kitchen and most of her things ended up in the stairway to the basement. I have adequate space, some of it isn’t even used. Mainly because I have no idea what I’m doing. So my current organizational skills include get everything off the counter so it looks neat, which means throw everything in cabnets and then spend a half hour looking for stuff when I’m ready to cook.

    If your interested, before shots will be put on my blog, any ideas would totally be appreciated.

  11. 11
    Lissa says

    All those choc chips etc would make a good trail mix and then they would be gone in no time with no cooking/baking.

  12. 12
    Jenn says

    I love the pictures – such motivation. I will be working on my kitchen soon, too. Of course I have to get of the initial shock of clutter when I first open the cabinet doors!

  13. 13
    Susanne says

    You are reading my mind! I set a goal to get my kitchen cupboards done this month. Yours looks great and where did you get those measuring cups?

    P.S. I have something for you at my site today.

  14. 14
    Mama Steff says

    Great minds think alike! I started on my kitchen cupboards last night in a fit of organizing madness. I realized I had a whole set of my grandmother’s bread pans that I will most likely NEVER use for bread, so I am using those pretty beat up metal things to organize little things like cookie cutters, packets of hot chocolate, etc. They look so pretty! And if I really get crazy and want to actually bake someday, I can deal with a teeny mess for a day while the pans get used.

  15. 15
    Jenny says

    Who would have known that I possessed and atypical measuring cup set. I just went and double checked and sure enough. Can’t you tell I’m such a baker?LOL I inherited this particular set of measuring cups from my mom, never paid much attention to them until now. LOL
    I guess I should hit my pantry sometime this weekend.

  16. 16
    Queen B says

    I’ve got serious pantry issues. Serious.

    I might consider thinking about dealing with them. Keep the pictures coming…

  17. 17
    Barbara says

    I started last weekend. I have 4 cabinets and 8 drawers done. 9 drawers and 4 cabinets to go. And I hate to say it but I think my pile is bigger. We buy stuff like that in bulk at Sam’s since it lasts a long time.

  18. 18
    Laura says

    You are certainly motivating me to get things done. I found your blog last month and started off with menu planning as it was a big hassle that I struggled with every day. I did it the entire month of January and want to thank you for that motivation. You are like a gardian angel. Now for Feb the idea of tackling the kitchen. Oh, my! I so need to get stuff thrown out. Check out my before slide show here
    Again I thank you for your great blog as I look forward to reading it every day.

  19. 19
    Kansas A says

    Actually Tupperware has been selling their cups with the 2/3 cup for years, I have a few LOL 🙂 I love the baskets, and I think you have inspired me once again… darnit I was going to take a day off too 🙂

  20. 20
    Thea @ I'm a Drama M says

    I have started and have been taking before/after pictures as I go…

    Hopefully I’ll have a nice new kitchen by the end of the month!

  21. 21
    Annie says

    Hey Laura…do you know when I could find some chocolate chips???

  22. 22
    Jeanette says

    I love having a 2/3 measuring cup! I need a new set but I am having the hardest time finding a new set with the 2/3 cup!
    I am so ready to organize the kitchen this month! We moved in weeks before I had my baby so I unpacked kinda willy nilly and my kitchen got the worst of it. Having an organized kitchen is going to make my time in there go so much smoother!

  23. 23
    Melissa says

    Alright. I’m inspired!

    Can you please tell me if there is any hope for the pots and skillets and lids cabinet? What do you do with those horrible monsters?! And those lids! It’s enough to drive a person from the kitchen! 🙂 LOL And of course, we have the typical huge-hole under counter cabinet with 1/2 a shelf stuck in the back. Ick.
    Blessings, Melissa

  24. 24
    Laura says

    I couldn’t find my cups anywhere and then finally I found them on Ebay

  25. 25
    Amanda says

    thanks for the motivation to start cleaning my cupboards. I posted before and after pictures on my blog!

  26. 26
    H... says

    i use 1/3 cup twice to make 2/3 cup. got it? ain’t i a math whiz??? i straightened my kitchen cabinets early in January. wish i could upload before and after pictures here? i am no ‘puter whiz. 🙁 i am trying to get ahold of my mini office. what a tough little horsie.

  27. 28
    Forgetfulone says

    That pile of chocolate chips, raisins, and such looks pretty good to me! And I actually could use a new measuring cup or two. Mine keep breaking – especially the plastic ones!

  28. 29
    Tara says

    Okay Okay, I admit, I liked the idea, but was only going to participate by watching….now I’m motivated to get going on my ‘dark’ spaces in my kitchen…hopefully my 7 month old give me the time needed…..

  29. 30
    Proverbs31 says

    Wow, I can’t believe it is February 1 already! I can’t wait to get started! 🙂 I don’t have that many chocolate chips.. but I probably have as much corn syrup and karo syrup! My mom left a lot of her pantry stuff with me when she moved and for some reason she had, I think it was, FIVE bottles?? Don’t ask me why…

  30. 31
    JoAnn says

    I’m so hoping this can be a motivation for me to get my house completely in order. I took before photos today even though my kitchen was a mess.

  31. 32
    Scratchin the Surfac says

    Your idea of “not pretty” isn’t too bad looking in my world….. love all the encouragement you give everyone.

  32. 33
    Rebecca O'Kelley says

    I look forward to working on my kitchen this month. I found your website a couple of months ago and I love it. Thanks for the encouragment. I will have to start posting before and after pcitures.

  33. 34
    Rosemarie Kowalski says

    Totally made me laugh – esp the comment about “who bakes,” which would be me in a former life (before fulltime work and working on a doctorate). LOL

    I’m replacing the oak centers with glass in 4 kitchen cabinets this spring. THAT will make me clean up the spice cabinet –

    hey, anyone got a great source for cheap, pretty glass jars that woudn’t look awful behind a window? I prefer square (space efficiency) and I’m thinking the rectangular ones from IKEA look pretty good…

  34. 35
    courtney says

    oh how i have tried many of times to get this room organized, hopefully I will actually do it this month.

  35. 36
    The Chatty Housewife says

    Well I can definitely say that I have more chocolate chips and dried cranberries than you, because I buy them both bulk at Costco! So there! Your cupboard inspires me and now I want to see where else in my kitchen I can use baskets. I am fairly organized there, but the only baskets I have are for my measuring cups/spoons, and two for spices. I would like more!

  36. 37
    joyful says

    I think my husband knew intuitively that this was kitchen cleanup month. He woke up yesterday and took all the spices and empty glass jars out of the cabinet and purged and rearranged.

  37. 38
    Kay says

    I just found your website last night and have been motivated to start organizing in my kitchen. I blogged about it and took photos at my blog.

  38. 39
    Lisa says

    The baskets are such a good idea. I could have a soda/powder/etc. basket, and a liquid stuff basket, and pudding/jell-o basket, and a spice basket. I could totally get my baking cupboard working more efficiently. We are going to sell this house in the Spring, so this is a good time for me to go through the kitchen. Great idea. PS: I *HEART* baskets anyway, so now I have another reason to buy!

  39. 40
    Melissa Holgate says

    I don’t have that many chocolate chips and my husband likes to keep them in the freezer, not the pantry, but how much pudding does one family need anyway? I found over a dozen boxes up in my cubboard! Must have been a sale or something! I will be making my kids pudding this week! : )

    I have a very small kitchen and it is constantly bothering me how cluttered things seem. This is a great opportunity for me to organize what I do have to work with. Thanks for the encouragement!

  40. 41
    Angie @ Many Little says

    I definitely need to work on my tupperware cabinet. Oh man — it’s so bad! Things are always falling onto my head!

  41. 42
    Aimee says

    I just went through all of my cabinets the other day and I still need help! I have a large cabinet with pull out drawers wich is AWESOME! I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

    I think a trip to the $$ store for some baskets for the other cabinets is in order!

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  42. 43
    Laura says

    Did another entry on my kitchen (Tupperware).

  43. 44
    Wendy Kilburn says

    Wonderful! I am looking forward to organizing my kitchen this month. The idea of doing a room in a month is much more manageable than a room in a weekend (the way I used to do it, or not oops). Time to go get something cleaned out.

    I have a huge Sams size bag of chocolate chips in my freezer and several large blocks of candy chocolate in my pantry. Oh yea, there are are some caramels in my cabinet. Goodness, I am hungry for chocolate!

  44. 45
    Candi says

    I just organized my pantry today. I didn’t get a before picture, but I will take an after picture. I think I might have you beat on the choc. chips, etc… pile…LOL!!

  45. 46
    brenda arce says

    My chocolate chips get all used up at one time…never a leftover!!
    Ok, I’m starting on my kitchen tomorrow…shouldn’t be too difficult as I don’t have a lot of kitchen “stuff” but, I do have some hot spots that need some attention…like my recipes and TOH magazines

  46. 47
    Q&Q says

    This is excellent timing. I need to overhaul my tupperware/storage container cupboard. My toddler makes sure the pantry gets reorganized almost daily so that is done but the other cupboards and drawers could definitely use some work!

  47. 48
    Elizabeth says

    You have motivated me to do so much with my home! Thank you 🙂 I started my kitchen organization here.

  48. 49
    Robin Sampson says

    I had to package EVERYTHING in plastic–field mice. UGGH

  49. 50
    Elaine says

    This just made me want to bake some cookies. SO, I will bake, then organize, K? =)

  50. 51
    Leigh Anne Wilkes says

    For my birthday my friend who always gives the best kitchen gadgets as gifts gave me a set of silcon collapsible measuring cups – they hardly take up any space at all. Not sure if there is a 2/3 cup though – I’ll have to check.

  51. 52
    Jasmine31 says

    I have to hide my chocolate chips otherwise the kids will eat them. I usually have a hard time finding them when I DO need the though! lol

  52. 53
    Marilyn says

    I wish I could say I have a bigger pile of goodies to cook with but I can’t. I like to snack on chocolate chips, nuts and raisons when there is nothing else in the house. Good job on paring down your measuring cups.I know I like about 4 one cup measuring cups as I use that one so much. So I keep extra of my favorite sizes and I too keep them in a basket so I can pull it out and see the size I need easily. Some of mine are 30 year old tupperwear and it is hard to see the size sometimes so I used a black sharpie to put the size on the bottom. Works like a charm. Has anyone used those collapsible cups? I have wondered how they work.

  53. 54
    Marilyn says

    Oh, I just saw Leigh’s comment on collaspsible cups. Thanks

  54. 55
    [email protected] says

    I came up with a clever idea for storing spices. I have one of those smallish 3 drawer plastic things, my spices fit perfectly (lay them on side instead of standing up). My spices aren’t in any fancy jars – just the ones they come in at the store. Its nice to have them concealed.

    I cleaned out the pantry this past weekend and purged the 13 cup rice cooker, the smores maker, 2 cake stands and a bunch of food that we don’t have any intention of eating (donations!). Feels so good to have a clean pantry.

  55. 57
    Betty says

    I have two Lazy Susans that need organizing. Another Someday syndrome or Round to it! Have been wanting to move all my food storage containers/lids over to the one lazy susan so I can have more room for my kitchen towels, dish cloths,etc. Have been procrastinating because it is so hard to get down and get up. Might have to recruit one of the Granddaughters to do it for me. But the Dollar baskets you show gives me some new ideas. Thanks!


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