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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Wow over 900 comments and still going strong! So many of you shared your feelings of desperately wanting to get organized and not knowing which end is up. Believe me, I can relate to that feeling! Let me explain. I worked full time when my oldest two were little. I look back on that time […]

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Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 28th

Look a new banner! We had a lot of newbies join us last week which was just awesome. I love seeing how many people are enjoying the benefits of menu planning! Okay first up is letting you all know how the Tortellini Primavera from last week went over. It was good but one box of […]

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Oh I am so on to these companies now…..

This morning as I was having my shower I read the back of the shampoo bottle and found this: Go back to that amazing hair day. Escape into a world of exotic pleasure and unleash the power of your beautifully replenished hair. Seductively lush and wild, this fragrant shampoo, exclusively blended with 100% organic botanicals […]

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Looking beyond the mess….

Originally published February 2007 This is the way my son’s room looks Every.Single.Day. Take a close look. Everything to do with pirates resides on that floor. I can’t walk through them…I can’t walk around them…in fact I can barely get in the door. You see, although it might look like a mess to you (and […]

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