Talk About Tuesday ~ My Purge Pile

Lara’s starting a brand new carnival called Talk About Tuesday where we are invited to write a post of something we want to share or talk about. Well that sounds pretty easy. What a perfect opportunity for me to share a brand new tote, basket, container, shelf but alas I’ve got nothing. I’m going through some serious withdrawal here ladies! Where or where art thou my baskets? Come to momma!

Oh sorry where was I? Right I don’t have anything new to share but how about I talk about a big ole box of old. Every week I make a trip to the local thrift store to drop off the latest victims of my purging party. This week’s box is a little bigger than most weeks and it includes a little bit of everything…toys, skates, clothes and the most hideous tablecloth ever (what’s with that?!). I leave a box or a bag set up in my study behind the door and as I find things around the house I no longer need or love I can quickly and easy just throw them into the box. Friday is usually the day the box goes out the door to the thrift store.

Anyone else been to a purging party lately? What’s in your box?
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5 Responses to Talk About Tuesday ~ My Purge Pile

  1. 1
    Candy says

    Laura, why dont you try selling those things on ebay too?

  2. 2
    Robin says

    How do you determine what you donate to the thrift store and what goes to the consignment shops?


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