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33 Responses to Subscribe to I’m an Organizing Junkie

  1. 8
    Ash says


  2. 10
    Carol Sheriff says

    I need all the help for organizing
    I can get !
    I lost my floor !

    • 10.1
      Lis says

      Me too Carol…

  3. 11
    kim says

    Carnt wait to get orgainised

  4. 12
    Heather Deming says

    I need your HELP!!! Would LOVE TO BE ORGANIZED AGAIN!!??

  5. 13
    Sue Aird says

    I need help! Thank you.

  6. 14
    Priscilla Waller says

    Thanks for the help

  7. 15
    Lis says

    I’m in trouble!
    Half my rooms are messy with just ‘stuff’, coz of that ‘stuff’ things aren’t being cleaned properly.
    Have back injury pain, feel tired n sore 3/4 of the time & have become lazy. Live alone so I put things off as there’s no one to make me feel bad if it’s not done.
    Never used to be with way, got to change!

  8. 16
    Kelsey k says

    Can’t wait for updates I need to be organized. I used to be but somewhere along the way that changed and I can’t get back on track alone. Help is needed and appreciated because I feel nothing but anxiety and stress. ???????? Can’t wait! ????

  9. 17
    Lori McCleskey says

    I started following you when you first started your blog. And somewhere, somehow along the way, I didn’t receive your posts anymore. So I am re-subscribing! Good to be here :)

  10. 18
    patricia says

    Can’t wait to get started! Am organizing on my own right now but clearly need some outside and “pro” organizers to help me move on!

  11. 19
    Sylvia says

    Excited to get some tips. Thanks.

  12. 20
    Eleonora Reeves says

    Glad I found you. Just starting to purge & organize.

      • Leslie says

        I want to receive your blog posts, etc by email but when I fill out my information I don’t see where to “Enter” it. It just continues on talking about how receive the information another way. How do I get on the email list?

        • Laura Wittmann says

          Hi Leslie, are you receiving my emails when a new blog post goes up. They go out at 8:00 am MT each time there is a new post.

  13. 22
    Carrie says

    Can’t wait to get “on track” again!! I used to have it all together and somewhere along my way I got unravelled! I’m ???? excited!

  14. 23
    Sharon says

    Please add me to your email list. Thank you.

  15. 24
    Claudia says


  16. 25
    Alie D says

    HELP! I used to be organized but now I have a husband and 2 kids to keep organized too.

  17. 26
    Carmencita says

    Love to know more about organizing things. I love tinkering & organizing things and maybe I will learn more about it.

  18. 27
    Patty says

    Can not wait to see your ideas ! Woo hoo let’s get started

  19. 28
    Marg says

    Just signed up but haven’t received a confirmation email.
    I’ve tried twice. Any ideas?

    • 28.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      That’s strange, I’m sorry you are having trouble. Nothing in your junk mail?


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