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Would you like to be featured here at I’m an Organizing Junkie?  There are a variety of ways with which to do that.

Organizing Success Story

Do you have an organizing success story you’d love to share?  These testimonials (and pictures!) can be highly inspirational to others and I would love to feature them.  Send your story to me via email to orgjunkie {at} hotmail {dot} com along with your before and after pictures and be a part of encouraging others in their own organizational journeys.

Followed the PROCESS Steps

I have a specific acronym I use to help me walk through the steps of the organizing PROCESS.  Have you used this process yourself?  Did you find it helpful?  Share a guest post with us of how you used each of the process steps yourself to work through a particular project.  Email me at orgjunkie {at} hotmail {com} to be featured, don’t forget to include a picture of each of the steps along the way!  Again this is very motivating to others, be a part of making a difference in someone else’s life!

Guest Post (not currently accepting at this time)

Got an idea for an organizing guest post?  Please check out my new Guest Post Submission Guidelines!