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40 Clove Garlic Chicken

OH.MY.WORD. As freaked out as I was at the thought of 40 cloves of garlic, THIS recipe is absolutely delicious. WOW!! You have got to try it. Strangely enough it doesn’t taste garlicky at all. In fact the garlic becomes sweet and so tender that I was even eating it straight up, it was that […]

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Works for Me Wednesday – Slow Cooker Cookbook

This week as I was perusing Menu Plan Monday menus I was tipped off by Taking the Challenge that there was a new annual 2007 Taste of Home Slow Cooker soft cover cookbook out similar to the Slow Cooker Classics one I’m always raving about! I love using my crockpot so you can only imagine […]

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Slow Cooking Thursday ~ Chicken and Mushrooms

Updated to add: This recipe was delicious and the aroma as it was cooking all day was amazing! The only thing I should point out is that when a recipe calls for quick-cooking tapioca they aren’t referring to seed tapioca….just a hunch I have….oops. What a week it has been. I have been beaten down […]

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