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Decluttering – Are You Making These 3 Mistakes When Purging Your Stuff?

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While I’m busy preparing my daughter’s 17th birthday celebration, Emily from So Damn Domestic stopped by to share this great post on purging with you. You’re doing it wrong. Yes, you. I see you over there, on one of your decluttering sprees. You’re holding up each item, asking yourself if you love it or not, […]

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POH: We Can Do Hard Things

For those that might have missed the first post in this series you can catch up here but essentially throughout this year one of our main focuses here will center around creating peaceful organized homes (POH for short) so that upon entering we immediately sigh and say “ahhh home!”.   That’s what I want for you […]

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11 Rules to Help You Declutter Your Clothes ~ Day #3

Clothes, clothes, clothes.  How many can we cram into our closets?  That seems to be the game we all play isn’t it?  Before I get into sharing products for maximizing space, I want to encourage you first to go through all the clothes currently in your closet and toss the things that don’t belong.  And […]

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