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Decluttering: 3 Ways to Succeed Even During the Holidays

Decluttering through the holidays

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Emily at So Damn Domestic. You’ve been working all year to declutter your home, to streamline your homekeeping, and to free up more time for your family. You’ve been getting so close to being able to do less “reorganizing” and clutter control, and more of the […]

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How to Get the Itch to Pitch

How to Get the Itch to Pitch

Okay gals and you few guys that read here.  I’ve got the itch to pitch.  Not just in the spring but all year round.  It feels great, I stay on top of the clutter in my home and my house can breathe!  Here’s what I don’t understand.  The annual urge to purge.  I look back […]

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