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Product Highlight ~ Beach Cart

Product Highlight ~ Beach Cart

Well how do you like that? I posted recently about my love of the granny cart as my tool of choice for the transporting of the beach STUFF from my van to the beach. I really do love it! Well imagine my surprise to find that there is an actual product created specifically for this […]

Product Highlight ~ Cansolidator

Product Highlight ~ Cansolidator

In all the kitchen organizing going on out there I’ve noticed a few of you using this lovely little gadget for organizing your cans in your pantry. I thought I’d share it here today as a product highlight in case some of you haven’t heard about it. It looks like a great option for organizing […]

Product Highlight – Back Pack Rack

Updated below….. Well for everyone school is well underway by now. Do your kids have somewhere to hang there backpacks everyday when they come home or does it seem like you are constantly tripping over them. Last year I posted about the backpack station we created by the front door to contain the kids packs […]

Prouct Highlight – Recycling Tower

I recycle at home but nothing like they recycle here in Ontario. Holy smokes! So many rules, I’m still trying to figure out what goes where and I keep getting it wrong. So all this recycling had me searching the internet for some alternate recycling options because really I’ll recycle anything as long as I […]

Product Highlight ~ The Socket Pocket

Way back when, I did a post on organizing your kitchen desk and one of the concerns was the unsightly cell phone charger cords hanging down over the desk. On my very first Product Highlight post I featured the Power Station Recharging Centre. This product would have helped with the cord problem somewhat but because […]

Product Highlight ~ The Fridge Frame

So as I was doing my blog crawl this morning, I stopped by Little Cooks in the Kitchen and she pointed me in the direction of the Fridge Frame. So very cool especially if you have a fridge full of pictures, this is an excellent way to get them all organized and your fridge clutter […]

Product Highlight ~ Power Station Recharging Centre

The other day I had a chance to sit down and happily click through some of my favorite organizing sites. Imagine my surprise when I discovered all sorts of great organizing tools out there that I didn’t even know existed. Oh I was having the time of my life saving all sorts of links to […]