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I made it to Target!

On my recent trip to the US I was hoping that somehow I was going to get to go to Target.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but I was really hoping it would!  You see us deprived Canadians don’t have Target stores here although they are coming to my area of […]

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Product Highlight ~ 3M Post-it Pockets

A very nice reader, in an effort to feed my addiction (I really do have the best readers ever!), gave me the heads up about a new product from 3M, Post-it Pockets!  They are basically a pocket that uses the same non wall destroying technology to hang them up as the Command Adhesive Hooks I’m […]

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Koala Baby Four Pocket Organizer

I have been totally holding out on you with this one and I so absolutely didn’t mean to.   I found today’s featured product on the back of my little niece’s bedroom door when I was visiting last November.  I fell in love with it because it’s just so darn practical.   What lovely little product am […]

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The Homebox Filing System

I’m intrigued by new products.  I’m intrigued by the possibility of new products.  I’m the type of girl that loves trade shows and being able to touch and feel new products without having to commit to buying them.  I like to hear the spiels and touch the packaging. At the Professional Organizer’s Conference I attended […]

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