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Organizing Shorts for Summer

Organizing Shorts for Summer

Summer is finally here and along with that comes summer clothes.  My old method of organizing shorts in my closet was to stack them on a shelf.  You know what a stack of anything does don’t you?  It teeters and then falls.  This means I have to waste time cleaning up a mess.  I really […]

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5 Organizing Ideas Under $25

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Shannon at AKA Design. Hi Organizing Junkies! Has your summer begun yet? We’re hanging in for the last week or so of homeschool and then it’s summa-time for my three littles. This week is also super special because our oldest little actually turns 13 – which […]

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How to Organize Partyware

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Angie at Echoes of Laughter. Hello Orgjunkie readers! Since I last visited with you, I have been busy with  a lot of small organizing projects around the house. The Spring organizing and cleaning bug has hit! One project  that I recently tackled was my stash of partyware. I […]

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Twelve Items Every Guest Room Needs

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we have my in-laws coming for a visit.  As I prepare for their arrival this weekend it reminded me of some guest room photos I took when they came to visit last Christmas.  I never did share how we prepare my daughter’s room for their stay.  We don’t have […]

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