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Random Ramblings of Me


Hi friends!  As I sit here drinking my summer fruits iced tea staring at the disarray of my house around me, I’m not going to lie, this summer has kicked my butt (the irony of the saying in the picture above is not lost on me).  Especially these last two weeks with three trips to […]

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Slow Down & Enjoy the Journey

the days are long but the years are short

This morning I waved to my 18 year old daughter as she drove away to start life in another town on her own, without me.  I’m so excited for her but it sure is hard to let them go. My emotions are high today. I wrote this on my personal Facebook page just after she […]

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It’s My Birthday and a Giveaway!!

Giveaway grouping

Hi friends, those of you that have been around here for awhile know that I am THAT girl on her birthday and the days leading up to her birthday.  Yes the obnoxious one.  I just love birthdays so much and get so stinking excited about them.  I love celebrating all that God has done in […]

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Random Reflections of Life

crazy daisy

So today’s post isn’t going to be spectacular or share worthy in any way.  I am just warning you now and getting that out of the way right off the top.  Whew, I feel better now that I’ve lowered all expectations :)  I miss old school blogging where I just chatted randomly about this that […]

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I’m Making Over My Mornings!


I’ve always been a night owl, for as far back as I can remember.  I would never go to bed before 12 and the evening hours is often when I’d get my best work done.  Then in the morning it would take me forever to wake up and you most certainly didn’t want to talk […]

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