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Secrets of Getting Organized

Secrets to Getting Organized

Last week I shared one organizing magazine with you and today I want to share, for two reasons, another fantastic magazine all about organizing with you.  One because it’s beautiful and showcases many terrific and do-able organizing solutions and two because I’m in it, listed as pro!!!  What, what?? Secrets of Getting Organized How cool […]

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

It was almost 8 years ago that I said goodbye to survival mode.  My how time flies.  For me some key components to this included being let go from my full time job, having a third “surprise” baby and discovering how to get paid doing something I love.  All those things literally happened within a […]

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How did this even happen?

So I was suppose to be writing my favorites post for you today but I simply can’t.  You see something has happened and I can’t get past it.  I’m beside myself just thinking about it. Those that have been around here long enough know that I love to purge.  I get such a high from […]

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How to Slow Down in a Super Fast World

If there is one thing I have a passion for it is helping women slow down in a world that is all about go, go, go…All.Of.The.Time.  Where being on the busy train is the norm and if you aren’t on it something is wrong with you.  I know.  My life used to run at hyper […]

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My Organized Portable Home Office

I’ve always been fortunate to have a home office both in this house in Alberta and our BC home.  I’ve always worked my blog business out of that home office and loved having a door I could shut and walk away from at the end of the day.  Even though I have a laptop I […]

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