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Closet Door Storage Space ~ Day #31

Back of Door Collage

It has come to my attention that there are naked closet doors out there in the world.  Say what?  It’s a tragedy I tell you!  I have failed you and not done my job properly because no behind the door should be left bare and exposed when extra storage space is needed.  No way, we’ve […]

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Maintaining an Organized Closet ~ Day #30

Woman looking at clothes in a closet

We are almost to the end!  Now that we’ve made some progress on our closet organization this month, we really should touch on how we are going to keep it this way.  How do we keep are closet spaces from becoming a disorganized mess again?  Well the only way I know how to do this […]

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Organizing a Gift Closet ~ Day #29

organizing a gift closet

So one closet area we haven’t tackled yet in this 31 day series is the gift closet.  You know the area where you can tuck gifts away that you purchase throughout the year for birthdays and holidays?  I think it’s important to have a designated space for such things where everything can stay consolidated and […]

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