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Changing clothes out for the seasons……

Changing clothes out for the seasons......

Clearly my daughter has gone through a growth spurt. These are the clothes that no longer fit: Twice a year (spring and fall) I go through the kid’s clothes. This past weekend it was my daughter’s (11) turn. Here’s what I do. I go into her room, I dump every drawer as well as the […]

Speaking of closet organizers….

Speaking of closet organizers....

Remember last August when I went to visit my sister in Ontario and helped her to do this: (You can see the before pictures here) Well it turns out that my organizing freakness abilities may have rubbed off on her because just recently in preparation for their new baby who will be arriving next week […]

Hey it’s the end of the month, let’s see what you’ve done….

Whether you have been busy organizing your entire master bedroom or just a small part of it, I can’t wait to see your before and after pictures. These pictures are wonderfully motivating and inspiring. This past month we’ve talked about making our bedrooms a place to retreat, about getting our clothes up and off the […]

Retreating to our bedrooms…..

Retreating to our bedrooms.....

I love my retreating to my bedroom each night. I love walking into my room, climbing into my comfy bed and snuggling under my cozy duvet with a good book. I sigh every time. This is my space, my room away from the stresses of the day, my room that brings me joy and comfort […]

Link-tastic ~ The Master Bedroom Edition!

Link-tastic ~ The Master Bedroom Edition!

Time for some more links to keep you moving in the right direction towards an organized master bedroom including your closet. Enjoy! The Savvy Organizer Podcast ~ In The Bedroom Video ~ Closet Organizing Tips Video ~ Martha Stewart ~ look for the video on the right hand side called Clutter Crisis ~ excellent tips […]

Organizing the master bedroom ~ get the clothes off the floor

Why is it that so often that the master bedroom gets neglected? It can quickly become a dumping ground with surfaces becoming piled high with clutter and clothes. Maybe it’s because the master bedroom isn’t generally a room guests see so it’s easy enough to throw things in and quickly shut the door or maybe […]