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The Best Resolution for 2013

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Angie at Echoes of Laughter. Did you know that we spend one third of our lives in bed? Yes. It’s true. And many experts agree that the quality of our sleep affects everything in our lives…stress levels, moods, eating habits, coping abilities and productivity…to name a […]

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Twelve Items Every Guest Room Needs

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we have my in-laws coming for a visit.  As I prepare for their arrival this weekend it reminded me of some guest room photos I took when they came to visit last Christmas.  I never did share how we prepare my daughter’s room for their stay.  We don’t have […]

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My Organized Closet

I’m so happy to have finished organizing my closet!  It took me awhile after we moved in because I’ve never had a walk in closet before so I wasn’t exactly sure how to set it up.  I’ve also not had to share a closet with my husband in awhile.  We had smaller his and her […]

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The kids get their purge on

I’ve been a busy busy girl these last couple of days. Every year before Christmas I like to do a massive purge of all three kid’s rooms. I get the two big kids (12 and 10) set up in each of their rooms concentrating on one area at a time. I then move between the […]

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Speaking of closet organizers….

Remember last August when I went to visit my sister in Ontario and helped her to do this: (You can see the before pictures here) Well it turns out that my organizing freakness abilities may have rubbed off on her because just recently in preparation for their new baby who will be arriving next week […]

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