Car Organization During Cold & Flu Season

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

Often the simplest tips are not only the easiest but also the most helpful when it comes to keeping life-with-kids organized. Such is the case with this little homemade car contraption we use during cold and flu season…

Be Prepared Car Organization During Cold & Flu Season at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

I like to keep a FULL box of tissues in the car rather than those little travel size editions that a family with children can blow through (ha ha, get it?) in one day of running errands. That said, I was recently asked how I keep the tissue box from sliding around and getting all beat up or trampled on by backseat passengers. My answer was comical but true, I put it inside our car-sick bucket. One sick aid inside another, so to speak. No, the bucket has never been used for a car sickness (knock on wood) but I always keep it in the car for long road trips or during stomach bug season. Let’s just say, I’d rather be prepared for tummy trouble than clean up the putrid mess later.

Be prepared for the unexpected car illness.

Kids sniffling and sneezing in the car? Be armed and ready with plenty of tissues and use the bucket as a trash can.

be prepared for colds and flu needs in the car

Kids unexpectedly queazy or motion sick? Be prepared with a “catchall” (trying to say it non-descriptively for the sensitive readers). :)

$1 popcorn bucket used for car sickness emergencies

Put ‘em together and it’s a perfect fit for winter time sickies. I also tuck a couple folded plastic bags along the edge inside; to me it seems prudent for a multitude of traveling needs. Plus, they can double as disposable bucket liners if you anticipate tummy trouble. Naturally, you could include whatever other items apply best to your family’s needs. I’m thinking something like chap-stick or hand sanitizer would be other cold/flu conveniences.

bucket for car sicknesses, both colds and flu

Finally, to really keep it from sliding around my floorboards, I used a few small globs of hot glue on the bottom for extra gripper effect.

hot glue gun dots are grippers for a non-slid surface in the car

The glue dries to a rubbery non-slip texture that’s perfect for auto upholstery.

DIY non-slip surface for car sickness bucket

Because I know someone may be curious, I bought my bucket at a dollar spot years ago. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. I think mine was actually meant to be a popcorn bucket. The criteria I used included; no holes/cracks in the material, tall enough for (*ahem) “splatters”, able to be bleached/sterilized, and wide enough to hold a tissue box yet small enough to tuck anywhere inside our SUV.

washable and bleach-able cold and flu bucket for the unexpected car sickness

Easy effort to be prepared in the car during cold and flu season.

Again, this is something I never thought about sharing online until someone recently posed that question. If one person asked, surely there are more wondering something similar.

IF you don’t need the “bucket” portion of my carsick contraption, I found THIS non-slip option, or THIS front-seat option, or THIS adorable kiddie option, or skip the box and organize everything in the car with THIS, plus many others on Amazon to keep your tissues tidy in the car. I also found some specially designed boxes in the grocery store that are meant for the car door pocket. However, they’re not as cost effective as the regular size boxes.

My bucket combo is really just for being prepared while in the car. My daughter doesn’t suffer from regular episodes of car sickness nor do I tote her around town exposing our germs in public when either of us is actively sick. So, I don’t need an elaborate system. Just something to grab when needed, if needed. HOWEVER, if your kiddo suffers from car sickness, I love THIS organizing post from Life as Mom. She has some great tips to cover the basics for motion sickness preparation!

Happy weekend, Friends!


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my favorite organizing links for Jan 30/15 at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

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Have an organized week y’all!!

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