Friday Favs: Minimalism, Craft Room Makeover, Making Your Home a Haven + more!

my favorite organizing links - Minimalism, Craft Room Makeover, Making Your Home a Haven + more!

Hi beautiful lovely people, happy Friday to you!  The weekend is here, yay!  My kids have a four day weekend (Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!) and we are going to RELAX…right after we spend some time today getting all the chores done of course :)  Yep I love having a clean and organized house going into a weekend!

So this past week my sweet friend Mridu, from Life is Organized, and I chatted together on Skype about all things organizing.  Oh my goodness was it ever fun.  I’m not yet sure when she’ll have that up but I will definitely link to it here when it does go live.  If you are looking for some rock solid organizing motivation you need to check out Mridu’s Youtube channel.  She is fun and funny and really just awesome. Here’s a great video with a quick tip to prevent clutter.

My world was also rocked this past week by learning from this post that when typing there should only be one space after a period and not two between sentences.  Umm what?  I have almost ten years of blog posts compiled on this here blog featuring TWO spaces after every single period and I am just finding out now that I’ve been doing it all wrong.  What in the world? And now I’m trying to correct the error of my ways but it is so hard.  See I just naturally want to put two spaces.  I can’t help myself. But I’d like to only do one. I kind of like it. Are you a one or two space kind of person?

Favorite Organizing Links this Week:

what minimalism looks like for our family

I love Evelyn’s take on minimalism in this post on her blog Smallish about how minimalism is so much more than mere limitation of physical belongings. I couldn’t agree more!

I like simple solutions to problems and this DIY solution for storing kid’s hats and mitts is really fantastic ~ @ From One Momma to Another

Five Tips to Kickstart Decluttering Your Home ~ @ The Southern Thing

Apple Pie, Pie, Apple.

The Key to Making Your Home a Haven ~ @ Women Living Well

Love this cute craft corner –> Junk Room to Craft Room Makeover ~ @ Reasons to Skip the Housework

Three Steps to Get Enough Me Time ~ @ Organising Queen

Have a super weekend and don’t forget to take some time to organize!!


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