Organized Solutions for Easily Managing Daily School Papers

Organized Solutions for easily managing daily school papers at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Hey friends, for years and years I have used an awesome product on my fridge to organize all those school papers my kids bring home. I’m not talking about the file and forget papers that you want to keep forever. Those are more for long term storage and I’ve already blogged my solution for organizing all the special things that you want to hang on to more permanently.

Get All Those School Papers Organized

But what about all the temporary papers that come home that you need to refer to on a more regular basis like class schedules, school calendars, lunch menus, sports schedules, parent notes, invitations, fundraising papers, graduation checklists, etc. You can’t file them away because that would be a hassle to access them and you know how I feel about hassles. Yuck. Instead it’s a good idea to have a system that allows you to organize these temporary papers so you can quickly find what you need when you need it and that is also easy to maintain. A system that requires too many steps is a system that is rarely used.

The product I used to use was called the Magnetic Fridge File with 4 pockets and I used it so much that it sadly fell apart on me. It was ripped up and beyond repair and unfortunately it’s no longer on the market making it a wee bit difficult to go out and purchase another one. I use to keep it on the side of my fridge and you’d see it as soon as you walked into the kitchen.

fridge file

This picture of it above is after I’d already emptied it out. In fact this side of my fridge had gotten pretty messy over time and I was tired of all the clutter. I forgot to take a picture of all that mess though, sorry.

side of fridge clutter free

I decided I wanted to keep the side of my fridge cleared off and instead just use the front of the fridge as my makeshift command center. I already keep my favorite Mom’s Ultimate Calendar on the front and now I just had to find a new solution for all the temporary paper that needs to be contained on a daily basis.

One thing I recommend for whatever system you use is to have a separate file for each child. This makes not only filing easier but finding what you need so much quicker. You’ll thank me later for this little tip I promise.


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