Do you have a small business? Sell on Opensky!

Sell on Opensky!
As many of you know I work as an insider for an awesome US company called Opensky.  OpenSky is a online social commerce site that provides a fun way to shop for unique finds with your friends, anytime and anywhere.  As an “insider” on the site, I work alongside Opensky to curate fantastic organizing products for others to see and buy. Nothing gets me more excited than to discover and support new amazing products from really great small businesses that are passionate about what they do.  If you’d like to explore some of these great products please visit this page.

OpenSky really believes in supporting the small to medium business which is why they have made it possible for any US based small business owner, in a wide range of categories, to become a merchant on OpenSky.  If you would like to share your brand with 3 million engaged shoppers than this might be just the opportunity your business has been waiting for.  This is the exposure you need to take your business to the next level!  You would own your “shop” on OpenSky just like in real life, but with fewer headaches.  OpenSky provides the tools you need to reach your customers where they shop and socialize.

Become an Opensky Merchant
Note:  If you are an interested Canadian business please fill out this form to be put on a waiting list so you’ll be the first to know when Opensky opens up internationally.

To encourage more small businesses to sign up to sell on Opensky, they are offering to anyone who signs up with them via this link two weeks of completely commission free sales.  This means that you’ll make 100% of all sales for that period. 

Plus there is no fee to join OpenSky, getting set up is totally free.  In addition, Opensky just released an amazing feature where if you currently sell on Etsy, Shopify or Bigcommerce you can easily have your shop imported to OpenSky so you don’t have to do any of the manual, time consuming work of getting set-up.  How’s that for awesome!  Come sell on Opensky!

Create your free store in the fastest-growing online marketplace

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet-ready branded storefront
  • Free and unlimited product listings
  • Fast setup & simple management tools
  • Seamless fulfillment on your preferred carrier
  • Maximum exposure with The OpenSky Posting Tool

I know after reading this you may have a lot more questions, totally understandable.  Please visit this page for more details and as well a phone number to call if you’d rather speak to someone live over the phone.

Moody Sisters Organic Skincare_2

This is such an amazing opportunity to get the exposure your small business may be looking for.  So whether you have an organizing product that you want the world to know about or any other kind of product that you want to share and sell with interested buyers, you are welcome to sign up but please be sure to use the links in this post to get your two weeks of commission free sales.

Sign up here!

Once your store goes live please be sure to reach out to me and let me know so I can go over and check out your new shop.  It’s all so very exciting!

See you on Opensky!

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5 Responses to Do you have a small business? Sell on Opensky!

  1. 1
    Martha Galan says

    I sell on OpenSky and am loving it there! Although I just signed up as a seller in December of 2013 I find it fun and there are so many great people there! The people who work there answering phones and helping are very nice. Even John Caplan jumps in to LOVE products and post nice comments. I feel like John’s a celebrity! Come see my shop sometime!

  2. 4
    Mattie Tietz says

    Hi there! I am on Shopify and am looking into how to use my Shopify account and transfer to my OpenSky shop. Any advice or helpful tips? Thanks for the great article!

  3. 5
    Van says

    We had a sale today. A bit of a surprise because I had forgotten I set up opensky account. However, when i looked at the sale – I noticed a credit (discount) and free shipping were applied to the sale. When we added that up it was 45% discount. Here is the thing….we never authorized such a discount. It appears that opensky can arbitrarily put your products on sale for whatever discount they feel will get sales. What this will ultimately lead too are very high MSRP prices to buffer against opensky control on discounts. If I have this wrong, I would love about it.



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