Toiletry Bag Giveaway

Toiletry Bag Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #258 Christa!!

Wow I had no idea when I wrote the post on my new toiletry bag that so many of you would go crazy for the actual bag.  Oh my I can’t even tell you the number of comments and emails I’ve gotten about where to buy it.  Just so you know I purchased it at my local drug store (Rexall) for about $15 and it is not a big name brand of any kind.  I’ve scoured the internet trying to find an online source for you with absolutely no luck.  The only information on the bag tag is this:

toiletry bag

Style # CG932302

I’m so sorry I can’t be of more help to you about where to buy one but I will definitely continue to keep my eyes open for you (and if you find one in your area can you be sure to let me know ).

To make it up to you I went out and purchased an identical toiletry bag to giveaway to one of you today!


Contents not included but I will throw in some mini bottles to help you get it organized :)


To enter to win this toiletry bag simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite vacation destination.  Giveaway will be open until Friday, April 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm PST.  Open to everyone and winner will be selected at random.


Good luck!


519 Responses to “Toiletry Bag Giveaway! (closed)”
  1. 1
    Leah Coleman says:

    My favorite vacation destination in the U.S. is Miami. My husband took me there for my Birthday a couple of years ago and we spent a lot of time at the beach and loved every minute of our time…

  2. 2
    Heather says:

    We love going the The Outer Banks in NC. Someday I would love to visit Italy as well!

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    Our favorite vacation spot is Walt Disney World. :)

  4. 4
    Tori Jenkins says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Charleston,SC. My hubby and I went there for our 25th anniversary,it was magical :) Celebrating 35 in a few months…

  5. 5
    Darlene says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Lido Beach, Florida. Hands down. No question. Love it. :)

  6. 6
    Vicki says:

    We travel to two different states to visit two of our son’s families. Boy, do I ever need this!

  7. 7
    teresa says:

    Our favorite place is Aruba, husband and I went. As a family our favorite place is Tybee Island, GA. Great place to completely unwind, play games, bicycle riding – no high rises! Have been going for 35 years – 2 generations :)

  8. 8
    Kristin Taylor says:

    GULFSHORES/ORANGE BEACH Alabama is on the top of the list for FAVs.

  9. 9
    Catherine says:

    Any where my family is!

  10. 10
    Nancy says:

    My daughter lives in England, so it’s definitely my favorite vacation destination!

  11. 11
    Karen says:

    We love going to Folly Beach, SC. It is a great family beach destination.

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    If I can have a favorite I’ve never been to, then I pick Greece or Bora, Bora. :)

    Otherwise, I’d have to say Ft. Lauderdale – great beach, great food!

  13. 13
    Luanne says:

    My favourite vacation destination to date is Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC — lovely ocean setting! Thanks for the chance to win this great organizer!

  14. 14
    Whitney says:

    Any warm beach will do

  15. 15
    Charma Green says:

    Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada depending on which side of the street you are on. Gorgeous lake, beautiful mountains and entertainment.

  16. 16
    Cindy H says:

    Disney World because my whole family enjoys it!

  17. 17
    Lisa O says:

    I love to go to Mountain View, AR with my family.

  18. 18
    Lillian says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Washington D.C. As a teacher I love getting to learn more so naturally I love going to the Smithsonian museums. I have not made it through all of them, but it is on my bucket list. I would love to go to Italy also!

  19. 19
    Esther C says:

    I love Chicago and hope to get there again soon

  20. 20
    D Klassen says:

    Favorite place so far other than just our cabin at the lake with family is Bc Canada. Majestic mountains and serene lakes…We are in Sk. Canada.

  21. 21
    Evin says:

    I love Poulsbo Washington, USA.

  22. 22
    Corina Kelley says:

    My FAVORITE vacation destination is Kauai, Hawaii!!

  23. 23
    Gretta Sisson says:

    I went to Paris on my honeymoon and fell in love with it.

  24. 24
    Colleen says:


  25. 25
    Krista G. says:

    Definitely Hawaii!

  26. 26
    Mo says:

    We don’t travel a lot, but so far my favourite place has been San Diego, with San Fran a close second! The food in San Diego is incredible! There are so many awesome restaurants in the Gas Lamp Quarter to check out! The beaches are great, and the zoo is incredible too!

  27. 27
    Jen says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Hawai’i since I have some many friends and family there..and it’s never dull!

  28. 28
    Vicki says:

    Cancun – ALL-INCLUSIVE ! :)

  29. 29
    Julie says:

    My favorite vacation is Hawaii…. not very original I know, but I have family and friends there so we always have an excellent time!

  30. 30
    Amber says:

    The Bahamas via a cruise ship!

  31. 31
    Cathy G says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere warm by a nice beach!

  32. 32
    Umm Khaloud says:

    I would love this!

  33. 33
    Ellie says:

    My favorite place is the Yorkshire Coast in England. The scenery is beautiful, the people friendly, and the food excellent. I like it because it is different enough from home (southern California) but they speak a language I can understand most of the time. Yes, we all speak English but such different pronunciations and idioms.

  34. 34
    KaTrina says:

    My favorite vacation spot Home to my Family, Edmond, OK. No place like home.

  35. 35
    Jennifer Keesler says:

    My favorite vacation spot is combermere Ontario

  36. 36
    Jan Caloia says:

    Love, love, love Paris! My husband & I spent 2 wks there in 1995 and would love to go back. Definitely the city of love!

  37. 37
    Wendy M. says:

    I love Walt Disney World most…hands down!

  38. 38
    Elisa H says:

    Anywhere in Europe- Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland… All very beautiful. I also enjoyed Aruba as a relaxing location. I look forward to traveling several states in the US starting in May.

  39. 39
    Jodi Ann says:

    Can’t wait for July and Ft Walton Beach…..makes all of the scrimping and saving worth it!!!

  40. 40
    Kristie says:

    I love anywhere that I am with my family!! ;)

  41. 41
    Renee Roth says:

    My favorite place to go is Hilton Head, South Carolina! It’s beautiful, fun, and holds many happy years of family memories for me! I found out that I was pregnant with my (now 26 years old) son while there the first time. It was wonderful to be able to take he and his brother there for many years!

  42. 42
    Kathy J says:

    After next February when we go to Maui for the first time, I’m sure that will be my favorite. Up until now, it is the Oregon coast! I looked EVERYWHERE for a bag like that!

  43. 43
    Jana H. says:

    My favorite vacation is Catalina. I went on a cruise from Long Beach, CA to Catalina, Ensenada & Baja California, but my favorite stop was Catalina. Beautiful island.

  44. 44
    Lee Ann ferguson says:

    New York City. Just went first time in October. So much to see and cheesecake and pizza to die for!!

  45. 45
    Elsie B. says:

    My favorite vacation is Hawaii, loved it there and really want to go back.

  46. 46
    Kathy B says:

    Ireland. I’ll be heading there in May to celebrate my 50th!

  47. 47
    Donna says:

    My favorite vacation was a three week rv tour, just my husband and myself, to New Zealand. The beauty there is unbelieveable. It is actually so pretty that it got exhausting. They are said to have 4 million people and 40 million sheep! It was amazing to see all these wild places, where my husband and I were the only was around. The people were so friendly and willing to give us pointers about where to go and what to see. The trip was a wonderful way to start my retirement.

  48. 48
    Dacia Daniels says:

    Prince Edward Island, Canada! So natural and beautiful.

  49. 49
    erica says:

    Anywhere I can afford a vacation would be heaven!

  50. 50
    Rhonda F. says:

    I loved the trip my husband and I took to Hawaii before our children were born, but my favorite vacation destination is now my mother’s house. We live in the suburbs of a major city, so taking the kids to spend time on the farm where I grew up and let them experience life rural life is wonderful treat.

  51. 51
    Crystal Bliss says:

    My favorite US destination is a toss up between Sarasota, FL, Chicago, IL, and Spearfish, SD. It depends on my desire from my destination.
    Out side of the US, Peru! I love that country!!

  52. 52
    Kayla says:

    I have 2 destinations. If it is somewhere I have already been then I would have to chose Branson, MO but for somewhere I haven’t been yet would have to be where my uncle lives in Hawaii. Thanks for the giveaway!! I just know I am going to win so no one else needs to bother! :) just kidding, good luck everyone!

  53. 53
    Gemma says:

    It has been a while since I went on vacation so anywhere would be welcomed right now!

  54. 54
    Tammy says:

    The beach

  55. 55
    Carol says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere there is beach and ocean. That is my little heaven on earth. We are leaving for caribbean in 3 weeks and I can’t wait!

  56. 56
    Melanie says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Mexico. That bag rocks!!

  57. 57
    Tricia Kolsto says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. My favourite place to vacation is San Francisco.


  58. 58
    Angela Ary says:

    Seabrook Island, South Carolina is my favorite vacation place!

  59. 59
    Angel says:

    awesome, it looked so great, would love to win. Favorite vacation is really where my family is, so it depends:) I very rarely get to see my whole family, reunion is this summer in June, 26 of us getting together. its been 6 yrs since all of us have come together. This would help my daughter and myself stay much better organized. Right now I use a plastic container that has a snap on lid. It works great to keep things from getting messed up. but this looks even better

  60. 60
    Tracy says:

    We’ve been to Florida – Tampa and Orlando areas twice since starting to have kids 5 years ago and it was great!

  61. 61

    This is so hard! I would love to travel anywhere warm and sunny – I am so tired of all the snow! If I could choose anywhere it would be in the summer to a small village in the south of France with a vineyard, wonderful nature, go biking with my dog and taking long picnics.

  62. 62
    Helena says:

    Thank you for the opportunies. My favourite place is New York, always New-York !!!!!!!

  63. 63
    Lisa says:


  64. 64
    Kelly Smith says:

    My new favorite vacation destination is the Mayan Riviera. We went there in November of 2012. California is my next favorite place to go. Love the bag! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  65. 65
    Carol Raymond says:

    Curacao. .. its just off the coast of Venezuela and its always hot and sunny! The snorkeling is fabulous and the people are so friendly!

  66. 66
    Eileen Calvert says:

    Puerto Rico!!! Just gorgeous

  67. 67
    shannon says:

    I loved Bar Harbor Maine where I spent my honeymoon almost 20 years ago. I would love to go to Ireland and Hawaii someday too.

  68. 68
    Jen says:

    Skiing anywhere! Love Crested Butte, CO!

  69. 69
    Erica says:

    My favorite vacation is to a family cabin at a small lake in Saskatchewan. The cabin is old and needing repairs, but is full of memories of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of family friends. I relish the fact that my husband and I can take our three young boys there and create new memories together. Thanks!!

  70. 70
    Cathy says:

    Love Florida & Colorado – cant choose between mountains & beach. :)

  71. 71
    Caryn says:

    I have always wanted to go to the UK. Mostly just London. =)

  72. 72
    Pat H. says:

    My mother’s house is my favorite vacation destination, hands down. Comfy bed, fridge full of my favorite foods, multiple bottles of wine in multiple colors. Aaaaaahhhhh…

  73. 73
    Ami says:

    Hilton Head Island, SC :-)

  74. 74
    laurel says:

    i LOVED hawaii, and europe is always amazing, but there’s this lovely little wine trail in southern illinois that my husband and i just keep going back to…

  75. 75
    Maralena says:

    In July every year, my entire family (parent, nieces,nephews, grand children, etc.) vacation in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Last year we celebrated our 30th year vacationing together. I also love Hawaii. Of course, my bags are alway packed for any get away!

  76. 76
    Kathy Opperman says:


  77. 77
    Shirley says:

    I love to cruise anywhere but if I’m going on a close vacation, it has to be Pigeon Forge, Tn or Myrtle Beach, SC. Anywhere I can take my grand kids and have a good time.

  78. 78
    Nina says:

    Favorite vacation spot–Hawaii!

  79. 79
    tammy h says:


  80. 80

    We haven’t been a lot of places but I would have to say Vegas is currently our favorite destination, especially at the WNFR time!!!!

  81. 81
    Wendy says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Akumal Mexico. It’s a small fishing village about an hour south of Cancun. We were able to walk out our hotel door to a white sandy beach and snorkel in the beautiful blue calm ocean. Akumal means “The place of the Turtles”. To me Akumal is a place of magic!

  82. 82
    Carol says:

    Iguazu Falls Argentina – truly one of the 7 wonders of the world. Absolutely breathtaking!

  83. 83
    TwoDiffSocks says:

    Hi Ya’ll,

    my favourite getaway is New Jersey. Why? cos that where my 98 year old grandmother lives, who loves me to pieces


  84. 84
    Beth says:

    My favorite vacation destination is anywhere with sun, sand, water, and a warm breeze!

  85. 85
    Marianne Tighe says:

    We have done a lot of traveling but home Haliburton Highlands in Ontario Canada is our favourite place to be. Beautiful hills, trees and lakes just outside of Algonquin Park.

  86. 86
    Lou Ann Newell says:

    I love to travel!! We go to the casinos in Mississippi, the mountains of Tenn. and South Carolina, and the sunny beaches of Gulf Shores, AL !!! All are my favorites! This would be great to travel with!!

  87. 87
    Renee Levner says:

    My favorite desitination is Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. I luv the weather, the beach, the food and the best part is I get to hide away from the cell phone, computer, clients – because I am out of the US!

  88. 88

    Hawai’i, of course!

  89. 89
    Kitty Balay says:


  90. 90

    Our vacations are always to Ohio to visit family. But when I was in high school a relative took me to Paris. I suppose that’s my favorite destination. I want to go back again some day. It was amazing. But first I want to take my daughter to Disney World.

  91. 91
    Christy says:

    Our family’s favorite vacation destination is Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We love the mountains (because of course we live in sunny Florida and can do the beach thing any time) and all that area has to offer. We are beginning to plan our next trip and this bag would be awesome to have for that!

  92. 92
    Theresa M. says:

    Maui is my favorite vacation!

  93. 93
    carmen woits says:

    Roatan!! Went there on a cruise with the family as teenager decided I would retire there…gorgeous! The people, the culture, and the scenary perfect.

    Btw when you posted the original blog I was wondering where you got it. Id try and recover it with a bright fabric.

  94. 94

    We love to go to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee . We spend most of our time in the area of Townsend, Tennessee. From there we spend our days in the Cades Cove area or other areas. This bag would sure make it easier to pack and get away !

  95. 95
    Neks says:

    Hawaii! My SIL and BIL live on Oahu. It’s amazing to have travel guides and a place to stay!

  96. 96
    Kathy Stolhand says:

    I am a frequent traveler and this looks perfect. We are headed to Eastern Europe tomorrow and I wish I had this packed to go with me.

  97. 97
    Megan says:

    My favourite is Mexico – a nice high end all-inclusive resort is perfect to me!

  98. 98
    Andrea Decker says:

    Myrtle Beach, SC : Virginia Beach, VA: Outer Banks, NC: Pensacola, FL: Recurring theme, sand and ocean – San Francisco Ca is a great vacation spot too!!

  99. 99
    Susan C. says:

    Sailing in the British Virgin Islands!

  100. 100
    kesha says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Key West, Fla. It is Wonderful and Warm!

  101. 101
    Kay says:

    Navarre beach in Florida in the fall!

  102. 102
    Robin Wallce says:

    Mexico Beach, FL is a fave cuz it’s still so unspoiled – like Florida of 50 years ago. But my absolute favorite spot on the earth is any beach on St John in the US Virgin Islands! So undeveloped & natural. The snorkeling & beaches are breath taking & since you have to work a little to get there, it’s not at all unusual to have an entire beach to yourself!! With 7 kids at home, any place to myself is a little slice of Heaven!!

  103. 103
    Kristi says:

    Love the bag! Favorite vacation spot is…Islamarada, Florida for food; Ft. Meyers/Sanibel for the beach & seashells!

  104. 104
    Becky says:

    Clearwater, FL. I used to live there, and visiting brings back awesome memories. Plus it’s just so beautiful :-)

  105. 105
    Kris says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that is warm and includes a lounge chair and a good book!

  106. 106
    Ruth James says:

    My favorite vacation spot is my cottage which is 47 minutes away, but far enough to be in paradise!

  107. 107
    Skooks says:

    Anywhere but here! Someplace all-inclusive would be amazing right about now. ;)

  108. 108
    Shana says:

    We like to go to Arizona to visit our son, but the hubby would really like to go back to Alaska to fish.

  109. 109
    Bonnie says:

    Anywhere warm!

  110. 110

    Any mountain is my favorite vacation.

  111. 111
    Christina says:

    My favorite vacation spot is my Grandparents cabin which is the house my Grandpa grew up in wtih his 12 brothers and sisters. It’s not much but we’re all together and that’s the best part!

  112. 112
    Andy says:

    My favorite place is my home town of Rockford,IL. I get up there as much as i can to see my dad and family as much as i can. Also to see how much has changed fom 1989 to now. That is when i moved. Not a very long tome ,but alot has changed.

  113. 113
    Keely says:

    At this point, anywhere more than a few hours away would be fabulous. My dream vacation is a trip to the Mediterranean.

  114. 114
    Lynne B says:

    It is almost to Canada–Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT. They do a great job of making it a vacation for both the children & adults.

  115. 115
    Kendra says:

    Lately, we have been enjoying taking a few weekend trips (without the kids!) to Portland, OR.

  116. 116
    Nadine Ursuliak says:

    Loooooove St. Lucia in the carribean, although that was prekid days. Now it would be anywhere we can get to with the kids and our holiday trailer!

  117. 117
    Andrea says:

    My favorite destination? Right this minute it would be Hawaii or Mexico…somewhere warm, with a beach and a pool with a swim-up bar!!!! Just me and endless unscheduled time to relax! Ahhhh!!
    Thanks for the giveaway…I’ve been looking for a similar toiletry bag…the design is great…haven’t found one in my area yet!

  118. 118
    Morag says:

    What a great giveaway!! My favourite destination is London but I also love anywhere warm, peaceful and sunny.

  119. 119
    Sharon McMurray says:

    My favorite spot in the world is Sanibel Island, Fla.

  120. 120
    muriel says:

    Mexico is my favorite place.

    • 120.1
      Gale says:

      My favorite destination I’ve actually been to is California, my home mountains…the forest across the street from the home I grew up on.

      By “dream” destination is the Yangtze River in China.

  121. 121
    Alissa A says:

    My favorite vacation destination is a resort on the lake in Minnesota.

  122. 122
    lisa hollen says:

    My fav place to vacation is keywest.I love the sea and the warm air.

  123. 123
    Laurie m says:

    Our favorite is the beaches of Alabama. Beautiful!

  124. 124
    Nikki says:

    My favorite vacation spot is northern Michigan!!

  125. 125
    Julie B. says:

    Our favorite vacation destination is Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We spent our honeymoon there.

  126. 126
    Melissa says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Maui, HI! That was where we went for my honeymoon. Beautiful everything. Wish I could go back there for our 10 year anniversary in September, but we’ll just have to relive it in pictures.

  127. 127
    Jeanie Mullins says:

    For our 35th anniversary my husband arranged a 10 day cruise of the Mediteranian. My favorite place, while there, was St Paul de Vence, France. St Paul stretches over 1700 acres with 3000 inhabitants of which 300 live in a medeval village that sits atop a rocky hill. The village is still a working village with lots of quint cafes and coffee shops along cobblestone streets. It has many art galleries, including an art gallery owned by Micheline Roquebrune, wife of Sean Connery. It’s like stepping back into time.

  128. 128
    Michelle says:


  129. 129

    I would like this cosmetic travel bag for my upcoming trip to Nicaragua later this month. A great fit for my carry on.

  130. 130
    Erin M says:

    My favorite vacation destination has always been Honolulu…..but this spring my husband took me to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I think it has taken over as my new favorite spot.

  131. 131
    Christy H says:

    My favorite family vacation spot is at Beaver Lake in Arkansas with my whole family-all 22 of us!

  132. 132

    My favorite vacation destination is… really, anywhere with my hubby! We’d love to go to Scotland together soon.

  133. 133
    Wendy Arndt says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Tennessee. Anywhere in Tennessee, I love this state and it is pretty and the people there are so nice!

  134. 134
    Donna S says:

    Any beach in the Dominican Republic!

  135. 135
    Rachel Merrell says:

    My favorite vacation site is Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  136. 136
    Lynne cooper says:

    Tropical & sand… El Con @ Puerto Rico!

  137. 137
    Jennifer C says:

    Hi Laura – My favorite U.S. vacation destination is San Diego! I love the weather, restaurants, people, culture… everything! I never want to come back from trips to San Diego. New Orleans is a close second! Thanks for putting together the giveaway and I hope you’re having a great weekend! Best wishes! – Jen

  138. 138
    Jackie says:

    My favorite family vacation was skiing in Utah. We were raised skiing in upstate NY but nothing compared to real skiing in Utah. Most of all just being with my family was the best part.

  139. 139
    Kerry says:

    My absolute favorite vacation destination– Walt Disney World! In fact my husband and I are hoping to visit without children for our 20th wedding anniversary this fall. We are Disney fanatics! Kerry from country living on a hill

  140. 140
    Corinne L says:

    My favorite vacation destination of all time would be the Hawaiian Islands. Love that tropical experience. But ranch life does not lend well to getting away so for now it will have to be a memory that holds until we can go back some day.

  141. 141
    Stephanie says:

    I love Orlando Florida! kickin it back in the sun …

  142. 142
    Cicily Kelley says:

    Favorite vacation spot is Disneyland! The happiest place on earth!!

  143. 143
    Lauren M says:

    I love the outer banks of North Carolina :)

  144. 144
    Lori says:

    British Virgin Islands on a sailboat! Need to be organized because we are short on space!

  145. 145
    Robyn says:

    Italy ! Even though I’ve never been… Yet!!

  146. 146
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite place to go is Disney World or Disneyland! My husband and I love it!

  147. 147
    Joan S. says:

    I love the outdoors so I like camping at the Michigan state parks.

  148. 148
    Annette says:

    My favorite place to go is up north, in Michigan. We have family that owns so e land up there and they keep a small 5th wheel on it. So quiet and peaceful, yet with it so small I need an organized bag to keep my makeup and etc. in. With very little storage, organization is a must!

  149. 149
    Patricia pach says:

    my favorite vacation destination is Portugal, azores, the warmth, the slower fashion, learn hands on living, the ocean , the views, great family vacation.

  150. 150
    Michele says:

    My family goes to Cabo several times a year. I LOVE Tahoe but my dream vacation is to go to Italy for at least a month.

  151. 151
    Angela says:

    Disneyland! We’re a huge Disney family, and we all make a trip there at least once a year.

  152. 152
    Donnie W says:

    Our favorite destination by far is Savannah, Georgia. The town is beautiful with so much to do and great places to eat.

  153. 153
    Shirlene S. says:

    I enjoyed the pleasure site seeing from East to West but the one I like most was Wy. mountains. some of the most breathing sites.was Co.

  154. 154
    Donna says:

    Spaniel island is my favorite place to vacation

  155. 155
    Stephanie says:


  156. 156
    Robin says:

    My favorite place is my cousin’s farm in Tidioute, Pa, pure paradise!

  157. 157
    Devon F says:

    Cancun! More specifically, an all inclusive resort in Cancun!! Mmmmm

  158. 158
    Nancy says:

    Our families vacation spot is Whistler in the summer… beautiful

  159. 159
    Joni says:

    I have been looking everywhere for this bag since you posted about it! It is exactly what I need!

    My husband and I went to Ireland a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING! Our favorite family vacation destination so far is Wisconsin Dells. :)

  160. 160
    Debbie says:

    Right now it would be anywhere without the kids having to come along! :) But seriously, it is a toss up between Hawaii or Australia for me.

  161. 161
    Elissa says:

    Any cruise ship is my favorite!

  162. 162
    Brenda Gillespie says:

    Organized clutter……definition of your make up bag.

  163. 163
    Teresa Showen says:

    I love visiting Washington, DC. There’s so much to see and do there!

  164. 164
    Rachel says:

    I like visiting our neighbors to the north–lots of things to see and do in Canada. My favorite local vacation spot is the beach.

  165. 165
    Allison says:

    Disneyland. It’s the only vacation our family has ever taken, but it was worth years and years of vacations all rolled up into one. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. 166
    Lindy says:

    I love Canada and Hawaii Thanks for the chance

  167. 167
    Jennifer Head says:

    My favorite vacation is simply the lake. My family and I go to different lakes throughout my state, ARKANSAS. We are called the Natural State for a reason. Beautiful trees, scenery, etc. My family, and my kids who are 8 and 3, love to get on the boat, fish, and simply relax in the serene peacefulness of Arkansas!!!!

  168. 168
    Holly Curry says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Gulf Shores in Alabama!!! Yea beach!!!

  169. 169
    Mary G says:

    San Francisco, CA is my favorite vacation spot…it is where I grew up! I really “Left my heart in San Francisco”.

  170. 170
    Cindy Brooks says:

    I can’t pick just one! I loved Australia and Alaska and want to go back to both. We’re going to China this year, maybe it’ll be a new favorite, too!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  171. 171
    Adrianne Kincade says:

    My family vacation spot it to the lake! My kids love it!!

  172. 172
    Nancy L. says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Destin, Florida.

  173. 173
    Andrea H. says:

    Walt Disney World!! Is there anywhere else??

  174. 174
    Christa says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Zion National Park in southern Utah. My husband and I had our first date there, spent many dates after that there, he proposed there, we honeymooned there, and have been back at least once a year since we met 13 years ago!

  175. 175
    Kim Scott says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Charleston, SC. My hubby and I went last year for our 1st anniversary and it was a place that I will never forget. Hopefully we will make it back this summer to take our daughter.

  176. 176
    Stephanie says:

    I love to vacation anywhere. As a family it is my favorite time of year. We like Disney but as I said we have enjoyed any place we have gone.

  177. 177
    Dina says:

    A cruise to the Caribbean!!! :)

  178. 178
    Sheridan B says:

    Tulum, Mexico in the Yucatan Pen. So beautiful and so much great culture without the over-touristy feel. Lots to do, SCUBA, snorkle, ruins and parks. It’s close to it all!

  179. 179
    Toni says:

    Osoyoos, BC

  180. 180
    Lisa Muniz says:

    I am currently in the van heading home to Texas from a bonus Spring Break trip to Pensacola Beach, Florida. So I’d have to say that’s my favorite vacation spot. Most memorable would be down the highway about 2 or so hours at Panama City Beach, Fl. That’s where I spent many summer vacations at my grandparents beach house.

  181. 181
    Barbara Hall says:

    My favorite place is Myrtle Beach, SC. I can sit on the beach all day and do nothing.

  182. 182
    Jacqueline says:

    South Beach Miami!

  183. 183
    Lorna says:

    My Favorite holiday destination is a working farm in the Peak District called Uppergate. They Have lovely cottages and the one we book has an outdoor hot tub.

  184. 184
    Rhonda says:

    Nicaragua. Worked and lived there for 9 years, we like to go back when we can :)

  185. 185
    Liz says:

    Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Sun sand and surf! Awesome!

  186. 186
    Jen says:

    Our favorite vacation destination is South Aftica.

  187. 187
    Julie R says:

    Anywhere with a beach!! We like Destin.

  188. 188
    Margaret says:

    My favorite place to visit is my daughter’s and her family’s in PA. I don’t get to see her, her husband, and my two grandchildren very often. We try to visit every few months and it seems as though my grandchildren 12 and 10 now change so much from one visit to another. I would love to win this bag as it will be so handy to get it filled up and ready for a visit and keep it that way so all I have to do is grab it and go.

    Thank you for the give away!

  189. 189
    Sandra says:

    My favourite destination is Disneyland!!

  190. 190
    Tracy says:

    My favorite is Jamaica- only been once, but it was awesome.

  191. 191
    Jessica says:

    My favorite destination is anywhere I can cruise!

  192. 192
    Raye W says:

    Our favorite big vacation is to Florida on the gulf side. We rent a house and boat for the week. The one we do most often, though, is Mark Twain Lake….camping and fishing and hiking.

  193. 193
    darlene says:

    I enjoy going to Santa Fe, NM. Although I have been there several times, I love the food and the location, especially in the hot summer when it is so much cooler there.

  194. 194
    Judie says:

    I know there’s lots of great places to go but if I had only one choice it would be southern West Virginia where I started and still have family there. It’s the one place I most long to be.and can no longer drive myself there due to poor vision. I would also LOVE that bag!

  195. 195
    miranda says:


  196. 196
    Lani says:

    on a cruise….destination is irrelevant!! :)

  197. 197
    Andrea says:

    My favorite vacation spot has got to be St. Augustine, Fl. There’s so much history and antiquated buildings that it provides a quaint cobblestone atmosphere, but the beach is there for when you get tired of reading brochures on spanish forts. Such a beautiful location!

  198. 198
    Heather says:

    Our favorite place would have to be Africa! We were blessed enough to do a safari with my husband’s side of the family last summer!

  199. 199
    Kim says:

    My favorite international vacation was in Italy…beautiful! As for family trips in the U.S., Disney World!

  200. 200
    Andrea says:

    Ireland… We have lots of family there!!

  201. 201
    Angelica says:

    My favourite vacation destination is the lovely island Gotland right in the middle of Baltic sea about 90 km off the Swedish mainland. I love Visby that is the only city on this island. It has a city wall from the 13th century. Visby is called ‘The city of roses and ruins. In 1995 Visby was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage town.

  202. 202
    Krista says:

    We don’t got on many large vacations, but for our honeymoon we took a road trip through Yellowstone and to Mt. Rushmore. That was a lot of fun! I’d love to take a trip like that again some day

  203. 203
    Katya Buccieri says:

    Aruba & Portugal are how favorite vacation spots!

  204. 204
    Cathy says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that isn’t work!!….HAHA I’ve traveled extensively and have to say New Zeland is the most beautiful spot I’ve ever visited!!

  205. 205
    Sabrina says:

    Cabo!! First trip with my boyfriend after dating 2 months!

  206. 206
    Susan says:

    Mine is the Gold coast during the October long weekend. The beaches, the shopping AND the theme parks entertain everyone! Lol

  207. 207
    Kari says:

    So far my favorite place I’ve ever been is Hawaii. It might sound cliche but it is a truly magical place!

  208. 208
    Megan says:

    The beach at Hanalei Bay in Kauai … wish I were there right now!

  209. 209

    I don’t know if it is my favourite getaway since it is the ONLY getaway we ever go on but it would be to Fernandina Beach in Florida to visit family. Am going again this summer and would love a new toiletry bag to take with me!

  210. 210
    G. Green says:

    Favorite vacation spots: Paris (what’s not to love??) and Manuel Antonio State Park Beach in Costa Rica! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  211. 211
    Lisa says:

    I would have to say my favorite destination would be anywhere that includes a cruise!! Love going on cruises…you get waited on hand and foot!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  212. 212
    Sue says:

    I loved both the east coast of Canada and also the west [Vancouver Island], can’t wait to do return trips to both!

  213. 213
    Elizabeth says:

    My favorite vacation spot in the US is either San Francisco or Washington DC. Overseas, it’s London, hands down. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  214. 214
    Cher says:

    Aruba!! I need to be there NOW! LOL

  215. 215
    Pauline says:

    My favorite vacation destination is definitely the west coast of Ireland:)) between the beautiful scenery and my family that lives there I can’t think of a better place!

  216. 216
    yaz says:

    i can be anywhere and travel anywhere as long we are all together, and living in a remote area we find ourselves travelling for everything, so almost every time we go out is an adventure!!!!

  217. 217
    Lana says:

    Favorite destination? Wherever my husband is! Our Danube cruise this fall will be wonderful!

  218. 218

    We have been saving for three years and hope to take our two daughters to Walt Disney World this fall, which I know will be as memorable as it was for me as a kid. All pending my husbands knee surgery, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  219. 219
    Barbara Northcutt says:

    One of my favorite places in the U.S. in the Yellowstone National Park. That place has so much to see and so much to do. The wild life is something else to see. If you haven’t been there you should go. Enjoy your trip. I know I did.

  220. 220
    Lisa says:

    Anywhere with my sweet hubby becomes a favorite of mine…and I’m thinking Alaska will be the answer to this question even though we haven’t been yet. We are set to cruise there in June for our 30th anniversary…and we are SO excited! Thank you for the chance to win a great prize!

  221. 221
    Rebecca McKnight says:

    I want to go to England. When it’s not snowing over there!

  222. 222
    Lana says:

    My favorite destination is our lakehouse that we own in partnership. There is no internet, not much TV reception and very little to do in the small town where it is so we sleep and read and eat good food and just recharge. It is the best vacation of all for me!

  223. 223
    Nova C. says:

    I love going to Nashville, Tennessee.

  224. 224
    Lori Lundberg says:

    We went to England about fourteen years ago and loved it. But our most favorite place to go over and over is Disneyland! Next year, we plan on taking our whole family (our kids are grown) to Disney World and we can’t wait!!

  225. 225
    Kim says:

    if it gets any better than Maui at sunset, you’d have to prove it to me. Swimming in the ocean and watching the sun go down. Heaven!

  226. 226
    Chris J says:

    My favorite destination is Seneca Lake in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. Clean and beautiful lakes for swimming, boating; stunning gorges for hiking, good food, good wines from the many wineries in the region, beautiful landscapes.

  227. 227
    Lynette says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Italy!

  228. 228
    Beth says:

    Wow- what a hard question! My husband and I love traveling and manage to finagle a trip domestically about once every two months, but the place I could go back to over and over and still get excited about is NYC. Internationally, I’m obsessed with Bath, England. We spent a day there in September and I wasn’t expecting to fall in love. I think about it all the time!

  229. 229

    We love vacationing in Florida! During our cold Ontario winters, it’s nice to get away to someplace warmer. Great giveaway and I love that you just did this on your own and it’s not sponsored by anyone. Thanks so much!

  230. 230
    Allison Rehel says:

    My dream vacation would be Australia. But I usually go visit relatives in Montreal, Quebec.

  231. 231
    Ashley says:

    We love cruising to the Caribbean!

  232. 232
    Joy Gerhauser says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Phoenix, Arizona. 6 years ago, my daughter (then 3) had open heart surgery at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Each year, we return to sunny, warm Arizona (which we LOVE) from Fairbanks, Alaska (brrrr!!!). And, fortunately, each year, she gets a great & positive checkup from her cardiologist, which makes the trip MUCH less stressful than it could be. On top of great feedback, we have a fabulous excuse to take a nice, relaxing vacation!!

  233. 233
    Lawanna says:

    Anywhere with beautiful scenery…Hawaii….Blue Ridge Mountains….Vermont….Yellowstone….

  234. 234
    hsmominmo says:

    Oh my, how gracious you are! You are such a doll the way you bend over backward to bless your readers!
    My favorite vacation destination thus far has been Canada – namely, New Brunswick-Nova Scotia-PEI. Have not had the pleasure of visiting the western provinces yet.
    My dream for future vacation is Scotland.

  235. 235
    Vickie says:

    My favorite vacation destination would be my own home but second to that would be someplace in the mountains.

  236. 236
    Betsy C says:

    One of my new favorite places is Crystal River, Fl. Just got back and had a blast swimming with the manatees.

  237. 237
    Kim Valent says:

    Huntington Beach, CA. We love to get away to the ocean and spend lazy days making sand castles, flying kites and playing in the ocean!

  238. 238
    Amy P says:

    Walt Disney World….love to take the family there! We went to Disneyland this past holiday season and loved it too!

  239. 239
    Kathy says:

    Hawaii definitely. Love the variety of landscape and vistas. Cute and very functional bag. Thanks.

  240. 240
    Michelle says:

    I’m a very simple person. I am from Michigan and my favorite spot to vacation is in the Upper Peninsula of our wonderful state. We, as well as the rest of our family, are campers. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been able to take a vacation but this is definitely a spot we would return to over and over. The solitude, acres and acres of forest, the many waterfalls, the Great Lakes shorelines, the wildlife…we crave this type of calm in our lives. Been wanting to go to Mackinac Island for quite a few years. Just typing about it makes me want to pack my bags and leave right now.

  241. 241
    Nina says:

    Our favorite place is a beach in Florida. We like Naples, Fort Myers, Daytona and many others.

  242. 242
    Lesa says:

    My husband and I are headed to the Bahamas for our 35th wedding anniversary in May. This would be a great bag to take along.

  243. 243
    Nikki H says:

    My favorite place so far is a cruise to Alaska, with a road trip from Texas to Glacier National Park a close second.

  244. 244
    Kate S. says:

    Disney World! Hands down my favorite vacation destination. We go every few years with the entire family (grandparents, kids, cousins, siblings etc) It is quite an undertaking to organize but we have years of crazy memories to laugh about after. There is always something new as well as something for everyone. Can’t beat it!

  245. 245
    Emma says:

    Vegas, baby!!

  246. 246
    Linda Kish says:

    Las Vegas

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  247. 247

    I LOVE SAVANNAH GEORGIA…so sweet and Paula Deens restaurant is there too.

  248. 248
    Leslie Benson says:

    I’m constantly on the search for a great toiletry bag. There are a lot of pretty ones out there but finding a functional one is tricky. Love all the separate compartments this one has.

  249. 249
    Leilani says:

    I love vacationing in California with the sun and the ocean. Thanks for the giveaway. I too admired that toiletry bag :)

  250. 250
    BEVV says:

    I like to vacation in the Black Hills.

  251. 251
    Rina says:

    I am so happy to see you giving this away, I’ve been searching for something similar ever since you posted it.

    My favorite would have to be Nagasaki, Japan. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love it there so much, just something about that place.

  252. 252
    Jennifer Gentry says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere with a beach!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance! Love your blog!

  253. 253
    lynaeve says:

    My favorite vacation spot is in florida. Universal!

  254. 254
    Marla says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Disneyworld!! We have been going every year since my daughter was 3 months old, and 10 years later I have loved watching my kids get older there and try new and different things!

  255. 255
    Stacey says:

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!!

  256. 256
    Sharleen says:


  257. 257
    Ilona t says:

    Club med ixtapa

  258. 258
    Christa says:

    Paris, hands down! Beautiful city!

    Thanks for having this giveaway contest.

  259. 259
    Theresa says:

    My favorite destination is Gettysburg, PA. We live in Nevada and my husband traveled, for work, up and down the east coast for several years and was gone for weeks at a time. My two girls and I were lucky enough to go with him on some of the trips. We went to Gettysburg three different times and loved it there! We even had planned days to go to Hershey, PA to see the sites there, but the girls wanted to keep exploring around Gettysburg because there is so much history there and so many things to see. It has been one of our favorite places to visit on the east coast. My husband no longer travels, but my girls still talk about taking more trips there to see the sites we missed. Disneyland is three hours away from us, but they still would rather save to go back to Gettysburg!

  260. 260
    Jill Hartley says:

    My hubby and I’s favorite is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s so amazing and relaxing!

  261. 261
    Susan Broughton says:

    If I go on vacation I want it to be all inclusive. I enjoy to cruise on a ship, but I would like to go somewhere other than the continental US

  262. 262

    My absolute favorite vacation spot that we have gone on was to Portland Oregon. We flew up there and drove down the coast just into Northern California. It was the most relaxing vacation that I have ever been on. We went when we wanted to and we stopped when we wanted to.

  263. 263
    Sallie says:

    My husband and I went to Hawaii on our belated honeymoon and it was by far one of my favorite places ever!!!

  264. 264
    Katy says:

    We don’t really have the money or time to go on vacation…but if we could, I think a great vacation would be on a more secluded beach to swim and play and enjoy the sunshine! :)

  265. 265
    Dawn Davenport says:

    Cinque Terre, Italy!!! We went for an anniversary trip a few years ago and I hope we can go back some day.

  266. 266
    Megan says:

    I love going to my cabin on vacation

  267. 267
    Michelle says:

    I love South Florida!

  268. 268
    Kari says:

    The mountains!

  269. 269
    Joyagg says:

    The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC – especially the Blowing Rock/Boone area!

  270. 270
    Karla says:

    Hawaii! Although I’ll take any place that has a beach and a bartender. :)

  271. 271
    Paige says:

    Our favorite is Disney World!

  272. 272
    Lisa says:

    Anywhere in Florida!

  273. 273
    Rachelle says:

    My favorite vacations right now are tied between the Florida Keys, or Florida in general, and the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Etowah area of Tennessee. Both vacation spots are very different: beach vs. mountains. Although, each has their own charm: water sports and amazing food or great activities and beautiful scenery.

  274. 274
    Monica says:

    Sedona, Arizona! It’s beautiful!

  275. 275
    Karen says:

    My favorite destination is Ft. Lauderdale FL. My granchildren are there.I’ll be headed that way in June, so could really usse this travel bag!

  276. 276
    Candice says:

    Favorite vacay spot would be Fiji…not that I’ve been there yet but I will be one day!!!!

  277. 277
    Jamie Grupp says:

    Asheville, NC….great history, great food/drunks, great nightlife, great outdoor activities, really it has it all!!!

  278. 278
    Kristy Strop says:

    Anywhere with my family ?

  279. 279
    Vicki says:

    I love to go anywhere that is not at home. I really do not go on enough vacations.

  280. 280
    Kimberley says:

    It’s really hard to pick just one favorite place but I think the most special place is staying in the condos on the Kimberley, British Columbia ski hill in the summer time (although the winter would be pretty awesome there too we aren’t much for skiing!)

  281. 281
    Maayan says:

    Hawaii sounds nice…. Paris will do too….

  282. 282
    Cindy says:

    San Antonio, Tx!! There is something for everyone!!!

  283. 283
    Kristi says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Costa Rica.

  284. 284
    Camille says:

    my absolute favorite vacation destination is the wonderful Jamaica………… it

  285. 285
    shalomew says:

    I love anywhere thee is a beach!

  286. 286
    Zoie says:

    I LOVE to poke around the Wessex / Jurassic Coast area of southern England. So many gorgeous places and things to do. So many sunny memories :-D xXx

  287. 287
    Joanna says:

    Seattle Washington!! Truly!

  288. 288
    Sarah N says:

    My favorite vacation place is the Emerald Coast of Florida/Alabama – anywhere from Gulf Shores all the way down to Cape San Blas!! So beautiful and yummy seafood!!!!

  289. 289
    Carol Arnold says:

    Las Vegas

  290. 290
  291. 291
    Maryanne says:

    My favourite vacation destination is Buffalo, NY. Wonderful restaurants and shops! A historic canal along the Niagara River to check out. Beautiful Delaware Park where you can walk and go for bike rides. Very kind of you to offer this bag to a fortunate person.

  292. 292
    Leann says:

    My favorite vacation spot is my husband’s Aunt and Uncle’s house in Michigan, they live on a private lake, it is quiet and peaceful we spend the entire week laying by the lake while our children play in the water. The water on their section of beach is shallow enough that our 1 and 2 years old can play with out help. We grill out and enjoy the fresh air :)

  293. 293
    Ruth Stark says:

    I love to go to a cabin in the mountains. Fresh air and privacy.

  294. 294
    shelly says:

    favorite vacation spot is Clear Lake, ND

  295. 295

    Cruise to Bermuda – Thanks for the giveaway!

  296. 296
    Karen says:

    Austria or Switzerland. I have been several times but I want to go back!

  297. 297
    Catherine Domer says:

    A Women of Joy Conference!!!!!!! Live bands and many guest speakers. A powerful experience!

  298. 298
    Amanda says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Hawaii. :)

  299. 299
    Sharron Atkinson says:

    Vacation destination would be Gulf Shores on the beach. Thank you for a great give-a-way item.

  300. 300
    deenamac says:

    I love vacationing in Glenwood Springs, CO in the winter…while any beach, anywhere, anytime is a favorite for me.

  301. 301
    Nicole says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Florida. I love the beach and searching for seashells. I also love spending time at Disney World with my family.

  302. 302
    Jane Marcus says:

    Just visited Turks & Caicos in the British West Indies. Absolutely the most beautiful beaches and turquoise colored water!

  303. 303
    fran robinson says:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!! So, in my head Bora Bora would be the best vacation EVER!! For real, I adapted Hawaii!! It was beautiful and the history was tragically educational.

  304. 304
    Katherine Donovan says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Tahiti. My husband and I went there for our 10 year anniversary. I was absolutely beautiful! It was literally pretty than a post card!!

  305. 305
    Laura Spangler says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Pine Cove Bluffs Family Camp in Tyler Texas!

  306. 306
    Becci Sadoski says:

    My favorite place to vacation is in Utah with family & Alaska.

  307. 307
    Lisa says:

    My husband and I go on our church couples retreat every year. It’s the only time it’s just the two of us.

  308. 308
    Susan says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Creede, CO. We have some friends who own a cabin there, and they let us stay for just a donation of something the cabin needs – like a new iron or something to decorate with. There’s no phone or tv (no reception!), no noise, just beautiful mountains and the headwaters of the Rio Grande. It’s just a little creek there! We adore it, but we haven’t been able to go in years. Sigh. Thanks for the chance to win the toiletry bag!

  309. 309
    Teresa Eskew says:

    Hawaii. We used to live there so it is great to visit friends and family.

  310. 310
    Aleda Caldwell says:

    My favorite place to vacation is Avon in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. BEAUTIFUL!

  311. 311
    Lori-Anne says:

    My favorite destination is Hawaii! Anywhere with a beach! CA’s central coast is another favorite of mine! Thanks for the give away! I’ve been scouring the net looking for one!!!

  312. 312
    Jacqui says:

    My favorite vacation site-

    Flying from CA to Upstate NY, with my husband and two children. We stay in the house my parents built and I grew up in.

    We go sledding and build snowmen in the winter, but our favorite is a summer trip. We are surrounded by woods and nature and my mother’s beautiful gardens. The kids swim in the river or our favorite finger lake- Keuka lake.

    We fish, hike, berry pick and have bonfires- and when it gets dark- we catch fire flies in a jar for a “night light”. These memories are a part of my past, which I am able to share with my own little ones. I delight in their smiles and that of our extended family- it will always be home to me, but it will also be my favorite vacation destination!

  313. 313
    sue says:

    charleston, sc – love the “old south” and it’s history!! and especially the shopping and great food :)

  314. 314
    Christina says:

    The Big Island of Hawaii!

  315. 315
    Rachael says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Maui…where my hubby and I vacationed on our honeymoon. However, there are several places on my bucket list- one of which is Paris. :)
    I love the toiletry bag and your organization posts are super helpful! Thank you for writing your blog and sharing your ideas with all of us.

  316. 316
    April says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Topsail Island, NC. My family has a house on the island and we spend as much time as we can there, especially during the summer.

  317. 317
    Cathy says:

    My favorrite vacation spot is ANYWHERE I get to go on vacation. OK, maybe that’s cheating. How about Long Beach, WA. There are many things to see and do within driving distance. We head down to Astoria Oregon for a day exploring, even further to Seaside… We head north to Oysterville, and explore the ancient cemetary, visit the little town’s original schoolhouse, church etc. (The church is tiny, open to the public and we go in and I play the old piano and we sing…ah. simple pleasures) The lighthouse, the beach, the boardwalk …Marsh’s Free Museum (kind of a Ripley’s Believe it or not that also is a store)…it’s all fun.

  318. 318
    Sandi Karns says:

    Charleston,S.C. or anyWhere With A Good Golfcourse!

  319. 319
    Raiyan says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Sydney, Australia. It’s such an awesome city! I want to go there again.

  320. 320
    Zinat says:

    I loved my trip to Nepal. It’s such a good place for tourists like me.

  321. 321
    Veroncia says:

    A cruise ship – to anywhere.

  322. 322
    Jean says:

    For me, there’s nowhere like New England. The rocky coasts, the lighthouses, the lobster, the cool breezes – no place like it. But the best part of vacation for me is coming home – there’s really is “no place like home” (clicking her heels together!)

  323. 323
    nicole wardner says:

    I just got back from Mexico and it was beautiful!

  324. 324
    Renee says:

    If we are lucky enough to get away, we love the Siesta Key area of FL, it’s gorgeous!!

  325. 325
    Camille says:

    My favorite vacation destination is St. Augustine, FL.

  326. 326
    mary says:

    Paris! Paris! Paris!
    city of lights. great street food. great coffee. art. historic churches. the marais. montmarte. eiffel tower at night.

  327. 327
    Denise says:

    My favorite vacation spot in the US is my hometown – Charleston, WV. I live on the west coast now and rarely get back home. It is a beautiful state and very affordable as a vacation locale. Plus I get to see family and old friends. It’s “Almost Heaven” for a reason!

  328. 328

    We love to head up to Boyd Cabin’s in N.C. but since we live in Florida, the Keys are a favorite as well.
    Have a lovely day.

  329. 329
    BethB says:

    Coast of Maine here in the US, otherwise, England, especially London.

  330. 330
    tammy d. says:

    I guess my favorite would be Walt Disney World. You just can’t have a bad time at Disney

  331. 331

    My favorite vacation spot is upstate New York. Not only is it beautiful, most especially in the fall; but, that is where my family is.

  332. 332
    Claudia Rose says:

    The Poconos – woods, fresh air, family, fun, peace, love ….

  333. 333
    Amy Hoeh says:

    I love your toiletry bag giveaway idea. That bag could do wonders for my 15+ lb everyday purse!
    My favorite vacay place is Cancun. We loved Cancun Palace Resort, but now that is Hard Rock. I hope they keep up the awesome customer service. I never wanted to leave! :)

  334. 334
    Sttephanie says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Ocean City, MD. Our family has been going there for summer vacays forever. In fact, my Mother, when she was in high school, would go there by herself all the time. The beach is somewhere to relax, reflect, and soak in the power of the sun. It’s a great family beach and yet has enough adult night life for a great night out if my husband and I get the chance to break away. Each year we go, we end up having an awesome fun filled week that leaves us looking forward to the next year when we can go back. :)

  335. 335
    Karin Alvarado says:

    My favorite vacation destination to date would be South Africa. However the one I like to visit again and again is Jamaica. The people there are just lovely.

  336. 336
    Jenni Rom says:

    Well for vacation, my choice is always a beach location (Cape San Blas, Florida is awesome). But my favorite destination is Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a mission trip.

  337. 337
    Beth Sabat says:

    OBX is our favorite place to get away to, off season is the best time for us, less traffic and more locals…we go whenever we get the chance. we are looking forward to doing more traveling in the next few years, so my favorite may change…the bag is a great idea, I have a couple, but they just don’t seem to work as well as that one.

  338. 338
    Heidi says:

    My favorite so far has been Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We stayed in an all inclusive resort on the beach and swam with dolphins. Beautiful!!!

  339. 339
    NANCY says:

    In my household, as well as family and friends, we love gathering for anything DISNEY!!! Whether it be the parks or cruising with Minnie, Mickey and the Gang!!! Love, Love, Love!!

  340. 340
    jenni says:

    I love the island of Kawaii – so beautiful and relaxing.

  341. 341
    LorieR says:

    I am not sure I have a favorite. ANY vacation with my family is wonderful. That is a great toiletry bag. Thanks for a chance to win.

  342. 342
    kim says:

    I love this bag and even though I don’t need any more cause I am a bag addict I’m still entering. :)
    My favorite vacation spot is Wilmington NC because I can spend time at the beach and with all my family that live there.

  343. 343
    Denise G. says:

    One of my favorite vacations spots is San Diego, CA.

  344. 344
    Karra Clymer says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Long Beach, CA. I grew up there but now live in another state. There is so much to do there besides the amusement parks near the area. And seeing family is just a bonus.

  345. 345
    Toni W. says:

    Our vacation spots are Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL, & Buffalo, NY. But my favorite is Outerbanks, NC!!

  346. 346
    laura miller says:

    My favorite “staycation’ is San Diego for sure–beaches, weather, hiking, eating-= amazing. My favorite vacation is to come…a trip to Italy to celebrate the big 50!

  347. 347
    Kathy says:

    Always, always, always love returning to San Francisco, a truly magical city.

  348. 348
    Brenda Howard says:

    My favorite destination is Washington DC. The last time I spent 8 days alone and no pressure from anyone and saw so much but I have that much more to do.

  349. 349
    Kristine Farley says:

    My favorite destination is Florida! Love the beaches and warm weather. Fond memories from childhood visiting grandparents. Love to go back!

  350. 350
    Melanie Kesler says:

    My favorite getaway is Prague, Czech Republic…. I’ve only been once, but would love to go back :) The history, architecture, culture, people, and shopping combine to make it the most amazing city ever.

  351. 351
    Torya Horne says:

    My favorite vacation destination will be anywhere but home. I will be going on my 1st cruise to the Bahamas this June.

  352. 352
    Marla T says:

    My favorite place for a vacation would be Florida, so I could visit Disney World! For a vacation outside of the US, I would like to visit Germany! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a cute bag! ?

  353. 353
    Tracy Stone says:

    Our favorite place to go is Ocracoke, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  354. 354

    I’d really love to get away to Florida, just to be able to visit Disney like when I was a kid! Great memories there! Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome bag!

  355. 355
    Debbie says:

    We live to go to Panama City beach Fl.

  356. 356
    Debbie says:

    We love to go to Panama City beach Fl.

  357. 357
    Marcy says:


  358. 358
    Robyn says:

    Any little town on Lake Michigan in the summer with a great beach, ice cream and lots of relaxation time!

  359. 359
    Elizabeth says:

    The best (and through the most random happenstances) vacation I ever took involved spending a few days on a yacht in Turkey. I don’t know if I’d want to go all the way back to turkey (too long of flight times), but another lounge and relax trip away from ‘it all’ would be just absolutely heaven.

  360. 360
    Crystal says:

    My favorite vacation destination is either Grand Cayman or Cozumel. Love laying on the beach relaxing! So much fun and beautiful water!!

  361. 361
    Lisa M. says:

    Favorite vacation destination is anything Disney related!!

  362. 362
    Stephanie says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to take a lot of vacations, but Washington DC, Seattle, and Salt Lake are a few places I enjoyed visiting!

  363. 363
    desertrat says:


  364. 364
    Jenn Sharp says:

    My absolute favorite vacation place is London—it’s totally awesome!!

  365. 365
    J says:

    My favorite places: Paris, really anywhere in France.

  366. 366
    Charlotte says:

    My favorite vacation destination is the 500 mile drive across Tennessee to see my younger Siblings, Mom & Nieces. I try to make this trip as often as possible. Especially since I have a brand new Niece!

  367. 367
    Maureen says:

    My favorite vacation destination is: To be with my family. Wherever they are, I’m good.

  368. 368
    Jone says:

    I love to travel and have so much makeup and toiletries that I used a big tackle box to hold it all. I would love a bag like this to travel with. My husband and I have so many places that we love to visit: Las Vegas, Jamaica, Florida, cruises, but we love Savannah and Tybee island. The people and atmosphere is awesome! We will be returning in June for my husband’s platoon reunion.

  369. 369
    Sheryl Welte says:

    British Virgin Islands

  370. 370
    Robbin Zirkle says:

    Costa Rica — especially Monteverde!

  371. 371
    Christina says:

    WANT THIS BAG SO BAD! My favorite vacation was an Alaskan cruise (Sitka being my favorite city on the route) but I also loved Vienna, Austria!

  372. 372
    Christina says:

    Scotland! It is goooorgeoussss!

  373. 373
    Sara says:

    My favourite place for a vacation is at home with my partner and kids :-)))

  374. 374
    Tracie says:

    We’re planning on traveling a lot more in the near future (our oldest is heading to Boston in the fall for grad school). This would be just perfect! Thanks for looking for more for your fans!

  375. 375

    My favorite vacation destination is anyplace I haven’t been yet– the next trip planned is to Copenhagen!

  376. 376
    Crystal says:

    My next vacation is going to be in CO this summer climbing Mt. Elbert. I really looking forward to it and beings as I love being outdoors, I think it will be close to my favorite – for sure my favorite for this year. :)

    Thanks for the give away!

  377. 377
    Joyce M. says:

    Hawaii, so laid-back and relaxing.

  378. 378
    Sonya says:

    My favorite place would be somewhere warm and tropical!

  379. 379
    Lisa says:

    Hawaii – big Island – Kona side – the best

  380. 380
    Susie E says:

    We have had some wonderful vacations, but camping across Alaska with our elementary and middle school age kids has to be my all time favorite!

  381. 381
    Valerie says:

    I would have to say my favorite vacation door is Disneyland. It is a place that has shows and rides and good food. This year we are taking my four year old for the first time. I’m excited to see Disneyland through her eyes.

  382. 382
    Roxanne Franklin says:

    My favourite vacationing place would be anywhere we decide to go camping as a family!! could be an hour away, or 6!! to be camping, hear the sounds of nature, go to the beach and just enjoy eachothers company is perfect!! My favourite place with just hubby and I is Vegas baby!!

  383. 383
    Adrienne foxx says:

    Puerto Rico. It’s so relaxing and there is tons of things to do

  384. 384
    Sarah says:

    I’ve been to Disney World several times, and can’t wait to share it with my 5-year-old next year!

  385. 385
    M the says:

    Definitely Paris!! :)

  386. 386
    Laure says:

    Love the 3 separate compartments.

  387. 387
    Elana says:

    San Francisco, but I”d take a night away anywhere :)

  388. 388
    Sahrish Panjwani says:

    I love to visit PCB!

  389. 389
    Emily says:

    It’s gotta be Paris…no place like it! :)

  390. 390
    Kim says:

    I’ve never been, but I suspenct Italy would be an ideal vacation spot. Kind of an “Eat-Pray-Love” feel. And who can resist Italian food???

  391. 391
    Danielle says:

    Roatan, Honduras

  392. 392
    jessica w says:

    I love Europe or more importantly Germany!

  393. 393
    Sarah S says:

    I love Tucson, AZ. Plenty to do, very laid back, and get some killer spa resort deals at certain times of the year.

  394. 394
    Lauren says:

    Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot.

  395. 395
    Mar g says:

    My favorite spot would be a return trip to Paris.

  396. 396
    Eydie R says:

    Fave place so far…caribou highlands resort in lutsens, mn. Beautiful

  397. 397
    LB says:

    Any place with a beach! My fave so far was Miami.

  398. 398
    Valerie M says:

    My favourite vacation spot is Walt Disney World!

  399. 399
    bobbi sue says:

    Aruba and puerto Vallarta

  400. 400
    Sebrina says:

    My favorite destination so far is Rockport, MA for within the USA and Veracruz City in Mexico. My husband and I are going oversees for the first time this summer so I am sure that will be our new favorite. This bag would be perfect for or trip! :-)

  401. 401
    Hannah says:

    Of all the places I’ve been, Barcelona is my favourite. It is so cultural and the people are lovely.

    As for “destinations” that I haven’t been to, I would have to say New York!

    I live in Australia, so the USA seems so far!

  402. 402
    Cara says:

    Kauai, HI and Disneyland (with my family)! Both places hold a special place in my heart with the fond memories we have made as a family there :)

  403. 403
    Lynn jackson says:

    Cabo San Lucas is my favorite vacation spit

  404. 404
    Maya says:

    I would say anywhere its warm and sunny. I have never been to Hawaii so I could start there.

  405. 405
    Lauren Mansour says:

    My favorite place to vacation is Las Vegas!

  406. 406
    Christie says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Emerald Isle, NC

  407. 407
    Lex says:

    I can’t name a single favorite location as I’m all about exploring new places. So really, anywhere where I can be with friends (or where I can make new friends) and enjoy some sunshine – especially this time of year, can it PLEASE be spring already?

    I looked at two local Rexall’s for this bag and the only one similar felt like something my grand mother would carry with her (no offense to any grandma’s out there – I’m just not all about the big, frilly, pastel flowers. Sorry.) Guess I’ll have to keep looking.

  408. 408
    Verena says:

    Anywhere with a Costco, lol
    No….seriously :)

  409. 409
    Jennifer Reed says:

    My favorite destination is Negril, Jamaica.

  410. 410
  411. 411
    Robynn Y says:

    My favorite destination is wherever I will be going next! For me? We leave for the Maldives on Saturday – so i guess that is my tops right now.

    (LOVE that bag!!)

  412. 412
    Maria R says:

    My favorite destination is Italy and all things Europe.

  413. 413
  414. 414
    Jo Ann Glenn says:

    I am heading to Hawaii this year for the fulfillment of the first item on my bucket list. I am beyond excited and looking forward to enjoying myself in Paradise.

  415. 415
    Lisa Hood says:

    San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. I’d really love to go to somewhere warm right now though, after this very long extended winter we had in Fishers, IN. :)

  416. 416
    Lisa DeCourcey says:

    My favorite place to go is Corolla, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our family has been vacationing there for over 25 years and it never gets old! We especially love the off season, when it feels like we have the place to ourselves.

  417. 417
    Sangeeta says:

    Love the bag. Thanks for chance to win it. I love Smoky Mountains. My favorite spot to chill and relax. Haven’t been to anywhere out of country. But would love to go to a tropical vacation spot someday soon. thank yoiu again.


  418. 418
    Ronni says:

    I love the Oregon Coast!

  419. 419
    Necia says:

    Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!!!! Especially the Big Island. Heaven on Earth.

  420. 420
    Jennifer says:

    Anywhere with a beach!!!

  421. 421
    April says:

    That’s a cute bag! Our families favorite trip is a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean. My girls ask constantly if we can go on another one. We love everything about it!

  422. 422
    Abbie says:

    My favorite place I have been is Charleston SC. The one place I really want to visit is England.

  423. 423
    ashley smith says:

    our family has been going to daytona beach shores every july. it’s fun because my brother’s wife’s family also goes, and my husband’s brother-in-law’s family goes.

  424. 424
    renee says:

    visiting family in Maryland

  425. 425
    J Kubs says:

    My favorite place I’ve visited would have to be London. I loved using the public transportation and seeing so many historical sites!

  426. 426
    Abbigail says:

    My favorite: Prince Edward Island, Canada! So peaceful! So artistic! So relaxing! So Anne!

  427. 427
    Jaimee says:

    My favorite vacation destination is actually my hometown of New Orleans, LA. The culture, music and FOOD are all fabulous. I try to get there at least once a quarter to hang out and let loose.

  428. 428
    Heather S says:

    Germany, with my nieces and nephew – not often enough, sadly.

  429. 429
    Deborah says:

    My favorite vacation destination would be Hawaii. I’ve never really had any vacations to speak of so mine are still just dreams.

  430. 430
    Marie says:

    My favorite vacation destination is ANY vacation, but right now I am planning a trip to Quebec City and so excited about it. My heritage is from there and I have always wanted to visit. This bag would be perfect timing!!! :)

  431. 431
    Lisa says:

    Ouray Colorado!

  432. 432
    Trudy M. says:

    My family loves Gatlinburg, TN. Camping & the mountains are what we like to do!

  433. 433
    jen n says:

    Disney World!

  434. 434
    Abby says:

    My family loves Canmore & Banff, AB, Canada. I live on the prairies so the mountains are such a beautiful change of scenery for us.

  435. 435
    Myrna says:

    The ideal would be a small cabin on the top of a hill surrounded by the forest. Sitting on my front porch swing that looks out to the garden patch filled with tomatoes and herbs, drinking a hot cup of coffee. Dreams are wonderful

  436. 436
    Stacey B. says:

    My favorite destination is Iceland!

  437. 437
    Crystal says:

    Not sure of my favorite, but just returned from Negril, Jamaica two weeks ago. Weather was perfect and it was a great 8 days!

  438. 438
    Megan C says:

    Well, I actually haven’t been very many places yet, but my husband and I are going to an all inclusive resort in Mexico this oct. and I can’t wait. We have friends that have been there a few times and have heard so much about it. I just hope my experience is what I am imagining it to be!!!

  439. 439
    Angela says:

    My fave spot is Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful, calm, serene little town situated on the Bras D’Or lakes. A tranquil getaway, even when you have the kids!

  440. 440
    karel says:

    Florida is my favorite place to vacation.

  441. 441
    Mary D. says:

    I love Burlington VT in the summer. I love biking around Lake Champlain and the memories it exudes of visiting there when my husband and I were dating. It’s a casual, comfy place to visit with a beautiful balance of nature and unique stores & galleries to visit.

  442. 442
    valerie says:

    vegas was my first vacation in 10 years and that was great but I would have to say somewhere that has a beach…i’ve heard alot about Myrtle Beach

  443. 443
    Stephanie says:

    The beach!!!

  444. 444
    Kristen says:

    Treasure Island, FL, the beaches are gorgeous and not crowded and no big hotels!

  445. 445
    Jan says:

    My favorite vacation spot is VEGAS BABY! I just love the energy there. Also, people watching is the BEST!

  446. 446
    Yazmin says:

    My favorite vacation destination is anywhere relaxing. I really enjoyed driving along the Oregon coast and visiting the Redwoods–magnificent!

  447. 447
  448. 448
    Michelle Sukkel says:

    My favourite place is San Francisco…went there with my husband last year and it was AMAZING ! the people, the culture, the city..EVERYTHING !..we drove down the Oregon Coast and I would do it again 100 times over !

  449. 449
    Amber says:

    I love Hawaii!! The last time I wast there, huge storm hit and was so windy, I could not go in the water! I love the water!!

  450. 450
    Leigh Ann says:

    Exuma, Bahamas

  451. 451
    Victoria Boyd says:

    My favorite spot to vacation is Las Vegas, because I go their with my sister, who is also my best friend! We have such a great time seeing the sights and shows together!

  452. 452
    Crystal says:

    My favorite vacation is Disney World! It is so magical every time we go there! We have gone 4 years in a row with our little boy & I don’t know who loves it more – him or me!

  453. 453
    Monica Wetherell says:

    I love your cosmetics bag. Your organizing tips are extremely useful. Thank you for sharing.

  454. 454
    Monica Wetherell says:

    I love your cosmetics bag. Your organizing tips are extremely useful. Thank you for sharing.

  455. 455
    Cheryl says:

    My favorite place so far was visiting my husband’s family in Denmark. We went with his parents and brother and his wife and had a great time. It’s a beautiful country.

  456. 456
    jackie Brown says:

    We love any beach, but we vacation at our fave place each summer, Charleston.

  457. 457
    Shawn Harris says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Carolin Beach, NC

  458. 458
    Lorna says:

    Kauai! Renewed our vows there on our 10th wedding anniversary with our 4 & 5 year old daughters as attendants.

  459. 459
    Christine Dobbie says:

    This is a nice bag.
    My favorite vacation destination is any place I can relax, have fun, and not worry about house work or bills. And there must be a beach, lol :-)

  460. 460
    Jennifer K. says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Destin, FL :)

  461. 461
    Apryl H says:

    I have a lot of favorite dream vacation destinations, but can’t say I have a favorite since we haven’t had much opportunity to travel in our new marriage. ;) So… anyplace with my man? ;)

  462. 462
    Rachel says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Bali. We went there on our honeymoon so many years ago and it was amazing…

  463. 463
    Joyce says:

    Greatest family vacation is Lost Valley Ranch in Decker, Colorado.. Oooo Ahhh!

  464. 464
    Colleen says:

    Our favorite place to visit is New York City. We love cramming as many Broadway shows into each trip as we can. Plus we have fabulous friends there. Win-win!

  465. 465
    Angie says:

    So hard to pick just one! With kids: Walt Disney World, Without kids: Kauai, Hawaii :)

  466. 466
    Vicki S says:

    San Diego :)

  467. 467
    Laura says:

    I enjoy going to the east coast. I enjoyed visiting, Plymouth rock, the mayflower and Greenwich Village. My absolute favorite place was London England. The place I would like to take this bag is to Washington D.C.

  468. 468

    My favorite destination in the states is Scottsdale, Arizona (preferably at the Camelback Resort!) If I won your nifty travel/toiletry bag though, maybe I could convince my hubby to take me back to Paris and Rome for our 30th anniversary this summer-LOVE THOSE CITIES!

  469. 469
    Mary Lou says:

    Jamaica! Only went once but it was AMAZING!!

  470. 470
    Nicole Smith says:

    My absolute favorite destination is Kauai! Currently planning to honeymoon there!

  471. 471
    Anna says:

    I love going to Cannon Beach, OR. My grandparents lived there when I was a teenager and it was great fun to go visit them, walk on the beach looking for seashells and eating taffy from the candy store. yum!

  472. 472
    Jen Childress says:

    Fav vacation spot is Alaska. Amazing and unlike any place
    I had ever been before.

  473. 473
    Kimberly T. says:

    What a fun giveaway! My favorite vacation is to Disneyland with my family.

  474. 474
    Andi S says:

    My favorite place I’ve been thus far is Victoria, BC. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there, so I can’t wait until we can plan a return trip.

  475. 475
    Michealeen says:

    favorite vacation destination: The Black Hills, Rapid City SD. Love the all of the scenic views & activities for our small children.

  476. 476
    Lora Lee says:

    My favorite vacation spot was always Arizona, until I went on a Carribean Country cruise with Blake Shelton and I was hooked on the Carribean. Especially St. Thomas, BVI.

  477. 477
    Missy P says:

    My fav destination: the beaches of Goa, India

  478. 478
    Valerie says:


  479. 479
    Juanita says:

    The Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Beautiful beaches, great walks, safe, steeped in history and amazing people.

  480. 480
    Gina says:

    Walt Disney World is my favorite vacation spot with my family of six!

  481. 481
    Loraine says:

    My favorite destination is anywhere with my husband. On Friday, April 12th, we will be married 33 years. We are making plans now to visit Nashville, TN. We may just rent a convertible and do a road trip.

  482. 482
    Beth says:

    Myrtle Beach, SC

  483. 483
    Christi says:

    My favorite place is Cancun Mexico! I love the weather there and there is so much to do!

  484. 484
    Joelyn says:

    London, England

  485. 485
    Candace says:

    I love Las Vegas!

    Also, I have a great new toiletry bag from MEC. I love it! I can’t remember the name of it right now, but it was very well priced and holds everything I need.

  486. 486
    Julie S says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Estes Park, CO in the summer and business travel: Washington, DC during Cherry Blossom time!

  487. 487
    Angela Yere says:

    My husband and I love going to Sarasota, FL. Beautiful beach and we get to see family.

  488. 488
    Melissa Cobb says:

    My husband won an all inclusive paid trip to Barbados. It was wonderful 5 day trip. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, and great friends that we still keep in touch with are just a few of the great things we were introduced to on this trip. I would do it all over again if I had the chance. My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and have never had a honeymoon so this was a trip that was delayed by almost 2 decades but was well worth the wait.

  489. 489
    Bethany Culpepper says:

    I’ve only been out of Texas once for a Vegas wedding & since I was only 18, it was so boring. If given the opportunity, I’d love to visit Maine.

  490. 490
    Kathy Cervantes says:

    I love Gulf Shores, Alabama

  491. 491
    Kimberly says:

    We love Hatteras Island, NC!

  492. 492
    Heather says:

    I want to go to Scotland. I’ve been there already, but it felt like home and I want to go back. Or just retire there.

  493. 493
    Brigitte says:

    Australia! Or anywhere with a BEACH

  494. 494
    Linda :) says:

    Disney World!!

  495. 495

    We love to go to Napa Valley, California

  496. 496
    Julie Weitkuhn says:

    Would love to go to Ireland

  497. 497
    Kathleen F. says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Disney World!! :)

  498. 498
    Michele says:

    My favorite place to visit is York Beach Maine! Used to go there for the summer as a kid, went back with my family years later and it was just as great as i remember!

  499. 499
    Denise Norton says:

    My favorite vacation destination is Australia! Won a free trip back in the 90s. What an adventure!

  500. 500
    Deana says:

    Our favorite… it’s been so long since we’ve had a vacation!! We want to visit San Francisco. We’ve never been.

  501. 501
    Sara Westhead says:

    Hmmm… We don’t get to travel much, but our favourite family vacation was a trip to Holland!

  502. 502
    Corlie says:

    My favorite place to vacation is Madeira, Portugal…it’s a small island off the coast from the mainland.

  503. 503
    Bonny says:

    Montego Bay, Jamaica!

  504. 504
    Dipti says:

    I love going to Hawaii!!!

  505. 505
    Seana says:

    St. Croix – hands down.

  506. 506
    dena rogers says:

    My favourite place is prince Edward Island.

  507. 507
    gertchie says:

    Camping in northern California redwoods

  508. 508
    Ginny says:

    We’ve never done a family vacation before. My girls & I do travel every year for dance nationals though & bring lots of make up! We’ve been to Disney World, Virginia beach & this year Ohio (boring, lol). I think Disney is a great family vacation spot!

  509. 509

    I loved visiting Ireland. :-)

  510. 510
    Dawn says:

    Phuket, Thailand. We didn’t go this year for Easter for the first time in 18 years and the whole family cried! To us it’s absolute heaven.

  511. 511
    Kim O. says:

    Anything but a ‘stay-cation’!

  512. 512
    iantha says:

    tent camping in the back yard with my kids and daycare kids we do it every year and I love it ;0)

  513. 513
    Julie C. says:

    St. Thomas

  514. 514
    saki says:

    fav getaway is japan!

  515. 515
    Jaclyn says:

    easy, anywhere as long as am with my family!!!!! Am going to visit family I have not seen for over 18 years in June and this would be great to take for me and my kids!!!

  516. 516
    Lisa says:

    I love North Myrtle Beach S.C. It’s not the most exotic or special place in the world, but what it offers is to me the best of all I could ask for in a vacation site. Reason’s as follows,
    1. First, something about the air at the beach…it’s hypnotic, calm and soothing to the mind, body and soul!
    2. Retail therapy! Love the outlet malls at NMB.
    3. variety of everything from places to dine, recreation and even free entertainment like laying out at the beach!
    4. For me it’s a quick trip to paradise. A two hour drive is do-able with the children! It’s anything after two hours in a car that they start getting antsy and start fussing or want to start with the…”are we there yet” or how much longer until we’re there..every 10 minutes!!!
    5. There is something magical for every age of traveler, from small ride parks, lazer tag, movies, go cart racing, older kids malls, water parks, arcades, to a teen club, adult clubs and specialty shop malls…museums, board walks fishing, golf…what isn’t to love except the sunburns!