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Here are some of my latest finds for you :)

No matter whether you take your decorations down right after Christmas or wait until the new year, I’ve got some products in my shop to help make the process a little more organized. (on sale now!)



Back by popular demand is the Glow Baby 2013 Family Calendar.

Glow Baby Family Calendar

Typically wall calendars use the space at the top for a pretty picture.  A nice touch but not terribly practical for busy families who have large amounts of information to track.  Instead of a picture Glow Baby has moved the monthly calendar to the top and utilized the bottom portion of the calendar for 52 removable weekly planner pages allowing you to always have the monthly view in front of you PLUS have the space to track more detailed information below.  Love, love, love!!  On the weekly planner pages you’ll find space to accommodate six individual schedules seven days a week and a column each for chores.  Make 2013 an organized one with the Glow Baby Organized Family Calendar!!

Next I want to introduce you to the Roll-A-Chore Game.


I’m a firm believer that all members of a family should have regular chores however it isn’t always easy to make that happen.  However since everyone in the family plays a part in making the mess, everyone should have a part in keeping it clean.  The Roll-a-Chore Game helps to make chores a little more fun for kids by making a game out of it and adding the element of surprise.  Kids roll the dice or spin the spinner to see what their chores for that day or week will be.  Some days they may get lucky and roll an easy chore, other days might be a little harder.  Every day or week can be different depending on how you play the game but one thing is for sure, it’ll keep them guessing not knowing what chore will come next.  Mix it up and keep it fun and chores will get done!

Three of the most popular products in my shop are from the Lay-n-Go company.  It all began with this excellent product for organizing small toys like Lego and Polly Pockets.  It’s a playmat/storage combo.

Layngo Toys

It’s a 5′ activity mat that the kids lay out flat to play on—the slightly raised edges help keep all those small toy pieces contained.  Using the Lay-n-Go makes it okay to dump your toys out!! Kids are very visual and when they can see all their stuff in one place like this, it makes it much easier for them to find just the perfect piece they need!  When the kids are all finished playing, you simply pull the drawstring and, voilà, instant cleanup with no hassles. Brilliant!! If you’ve ever tried to clean Legos up one piece at a time, you know how tedious this chore can normally be. It’s also handy for Polly Pockets and other similar small toys. Finally, a product that solves the problem!  Plus, the carrying handle makes it portable. Or you can use it to hang on a hook so it’s out of the way for future plays.

Lay-n-Go also makes a smaller version for travel as well as this lovely option for corralling makeup to keep your bathroom counters clutter free.

Layngo Cosmo Travel Bag

Plus I also carry a Lay-n-Go Cosmo Exclusive in these the gold and silver colors.

Layngo Metallics

Recently I brought in another option for organizing jewelry.  It’s the Roxsee Jewelry Organizer and this cute organizer is an inexpensive solution for organizing your jewelry and keeping it from getting all tangled up.

Roxsee Jewelry Hanger

If you lack wall or counter space, then this one will be perfect for you because you can hang it on any closet rod, on a door knob or even over the back of a door.  The metal hanger rotates for versatility.  It’s a fun piece because the design is in the shape of a little black dress and it holds a ton of jewelry pieces from earrings, necklaces to bracelets.  I love that it can store over 100 pieces of jewelry all in one spot!  No more wasted time trying to find just the right piece to go with your outfit as you are heading out the door because everything will be beautifully organized right at your fingertips.

Finally be sure to check out this great drawer organizers.

These adjustable drawer dividers are designed to expand in order to accommodate any drawer size which means anyone can have organized drawers in a matter of minutes.  Create quick compartments in any drawer space in order to divide like with like and keep items from spilling over from one section to the next.  Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike for storing everything from hair accessories to knives.  The options really are endless for organized drawers everywhere!

adjustable drawer dividers

Here’s a great way to organize your sock drawer:

sock drawer organizer

This is just a small sampling of what I carry in my shop.  Come on over and see what else I’ve got lined up to help you make 2013 your most organized year yet!!!  Plus don’t forget FREE shipping goes on all day today :)


Please note that Opensky currently only ships to US addresses.


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