Gift Wrap Organizers

gift wrap organizers

The other day I showed you how I store my gift bags, wrap and cards in my gift closet.  In case you don’t happen to have an available closet, I wanted to show you some other alternatives that I’ve found that may be helpful to you as you set up a system that works for you.  The most important thing to remember, even if you don’t have a fancy dancy organizer, is to consolidate all of your supplies into one area.  This makes it easy to see what you have, what you need and saves time because you don’t need to run all over the house looking for everything.

Let’s recap:

* Gather your supplies

* Consolidate supplies (discard the unused or unwanted items and organize the remaining)

* Containerize supplies

Won’t take you any time at all :)

Here are some examples of storage containers designed specifically for the purpose of creating a gift wrap station.  Prices vary.

Gift Wrap Caddy

Gift Wrap Organizer ~ great for the closet

Gift Wrap Cart

Customized Gift Wrap Center ~ great for under bed storage

Vertical Gift Wrap Center ~ this is what I use for my Christmas rolls

Gift Wrap Storage Bag ~ also great for under bed storage

Don’t forget to take a look around your house to see what could be re-purposed.  Love this idea for converting an old change table.  Instructions here.

I also think those plastic drawers on wheels would work great for this purpose as well.   This fabulous gift wrapping post over at Serene Journey shows you a great example of what I mean.

Also Aby over at Creative Organizing provides some great tips on gift wrap storage as well.

Plus my DIY post on organizing a gift wrap station.

Now go get gathering, consolidating and containerizing.  Sorry couldn’t help myself, I just had to say those words again.  They make me happy.  Try it, say them out loud with me.

Gather. Consolidate. Containerize.

Ahh, now wasn’t that fun…I can see you smiling :)

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20 Responses to Gift Wrap Organizers

  1. 1
    Greta says

    I love these ideas! My gifwrapping supplies are at least all in one place, but I don’t have them neat and orderly as I would like.

  2. 2
    Rebecca says

    I have all of my ribbons & gift bags in a short long tub under my bed, it won’t hold wrapping paper rolls but does help me keep my gift bag hoarding under control. I like the other under bed solutions too.

  3. 3
    Azul says

    I use a garment bag. Rolls of gift wrap go in the main section, and tissue paper, ribbons, etc. go in the smaller compartments.

    Normally I hang it in the closet (use 2 heavy duty hangers to hold it up), but right now it’s stashed under my bed.

  4. 4
    Susanne says

    I have the vertical one too. But it doesn’t take care of all the bows, ribbons and paraphenilia. I love the idea of the coverted change table!

  5. 5
    Marisa says

    I do the same as Rebecca: a long clear bin for tissue paper, gift bags, and collapsed boxes (for clothes). I keep my wrapping paper in a large gift bag with the gift bags that won’t fit in the flat storage bin.

  6. 6
    Lisa says

    Thanks for the great ideas!! My gift wrap stuff is HORRIBLE!!! We have a great closet unde our stairs that would be perfect for storage!!! Thanks!!

  7. 7
    Annie says

    Those are great ideas and containers…now I have to really get to work on my closet at home!!

  8. 8
    AprilG says

    I love the idea of using an old changing table. I have seen ones like that so many times at yard sales and walked right by them. Ugh!

  9. 9
    Cathy Tibbles says

    I love that word – containerize!!! DOes that include BUYing containers? Of course it does, never mind. :)

    On topic here, I’ve tried those ones on the back of a door- or in a closet – and the rolls seem to hang out and look very disheveled. I scrapped mine – and use an under the bed drawer container. So that I can containerize. :)


  10. 10
    Sue says

    I just got the Lowe’s Creative Ideas booklet this weekend & there was a really neat Gift Wrap Center that you could make in it. I think I would add one of those flip down tables though – if it wasn’t above a work space.

    Here’s the web address:

    I’ve got the stand up thing for the rolls of paper & the under the bed thing for my flat paper and another thing that holds the gift bags. I need to consolidate. Hmmmmm, maybe re-purposing the wardrobe in my bedroom…. another project to add to the list.


  11. 11
    jeanne says

    I love the cart, but the price is ridiculous! Now I am on the lookout for an old changing table.

  12. 12
    Diane-The WHOLE Gang says

    I love the way you think. Probably because it’s like me. I have my gift wrap center ready all year long with my Elfa closet system and a few of those paper roll holders you show. I’ve never seen anyone use a changing table for gift wrap. That’s brilliant. However I was so done having kids I couldn’t get rid of mine fast enough. I’ll stick with my Elfa.

  13. 13
    Allean says

    Thanks for all your time saving and space saving ideas…:-)

  14. 14
    Karen says

    I have an Elfa unit in my laundry room and use one drawer for gift bags and another for cards, ribbon, bows, tags, and tissue paper. My problem is the extra long rolls of wrapping paper. I have the vertical unit you showed and the underbed box, but the long rolls don’t fit in either. Suggestions?

  15. 15
    roycecedric says

    Good amount of information shared by you regarding the wrapped and flat wrappers . Rolled plastic wrapping is another service provided by us.

  16. 16
    Beth says

    The Lowe’s gift wrapping center looks great. I can’t wait to try it with a few modifications.

  17. 17
    Charlene @ A Virtuou says

    I used to have one of the “garment bag” looking ones, but it wasn’t clear plastic like the ones pictured, so it was hard to keep up with what I had where. I ended up with too many rolls to fit it, and not enough space for bows, gift bags, etc.

    Now I use an under-bed storage box. I put the rolls on the bottom, and have room at the end for bows, ribbons, scissors, and tape. Tissue paper, folded papers, and gift bags lay flat on top. Now I can see at a glance what I have.


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