Take Note ~ July 9th


Hello my friends, I have a few random bits of information to share with you today that I’ve been gathering over the past month.

First up is a fantastic bookmark, that I just love, made available by Stephanie over at The Organized Parent.   It’s been designed to help busy moms make good choices with a list of questions to ask yourself before you say yes to something.  It’s also absoultely free and can be find it here.  Thanks Stephanie!

I was very honored to be included in Evan Carmichael’s list of The Top 50 Productivity Blogs.  You’ll find me under the Getting Organized category but there are also many other categories (including Getting Things Done and Life Hacks) to check out with many great sites listed to help you be more productive and efficient in your day.  I’ve discovered a few new sites myself :)

This has nothing to do with organizing whatsoever but I’m totally addicted to this video thanks to my friend Jen over at Hey, Mrs. Wilson! I love listening to piano and then they go and add a cello to the mix and I’m a total goner.  I love how Jon (the pianist) gets so into it.  Fun stuff!

Next up, I really enjoyed this post of Michelle’s over at Scribbit about what she’s learned about blogging over the past four years.  I think she’s bang on with her observations and I couldn’t agree more.  Michelle’s also the one that recommended the Double Musky Cake to me which I made on Tuesday and oh my word was it ever good!!  I was a huge fan of Michelle’s before but now she’s totally my new BFF :)

On The Juice this week we are discussing the concept of making time for love or in my case making the effort for love.   I also talk a little bit about creating an organized and relaxing bedroom retreat.  If you provide your own tips on how you make time for romance, you’ll be entered to win Netflix for one whole year!!  RSS Feeds are now working for The Juice so if you’d like to receive updates in your reader when new posts are up, you can sign up here.  Yay!

Finally I’d like to announce that the winner of the free seat in Aby Garvey’s Organize Your Paper Clutter online workshop is #95 Tricia!   If you’d like more information on this great class you can find it here, class starts July 14th.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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5 Responses to Take Note ~ July 9th

  1. 1
    Tess says

    Congratulations on being on the list of productivity blogs. You certainly deserve to be there. I’m a bit excited because I’ve just completed a little (but much needed) organising project. The make-up drawer is on my list because I’m going back to work after school holidays next week but tonight I worked on the boys’ homework supplies and I’ve blogged about it here http://teresa-mcnamara.blogspot.com/2009/07/homework-time.html

  2. 2
    becca says

    Thank you for the video song link. WOW!

  3. 4
    Denise says

    We loved the music video. Those are 2 of my daughter’s favorite radio songs.

  4. 5
    Becky says

    I love how this song is done. My husband loves Taylor Swift’s music and so do I. I’m gonna add this to a new post on my new site, grandmabeckyl.blogspot.com Come and visit. I’ve just got it up so it’ll take a bit to add photos as well. I’m closing down the older site soon. How do I make room for romance in my life when my husband works swing shift? We make sure we go out to lunch on Fridays before he goes to work and Sunday evenings. Seldom do those plans change. We have an adult daughter still living with us so we try to find times for each other when we can. :0) Have a great weekend. I’m out soon to wash my new to me car and put touch up paint on the hood of car. Oh joyous time! Bye!!


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