Cool Makeup Storage Ideas

Okay I know we’re already at the end of the month and I had fully intended to do this sooner but you know life happens. We decided to take a last minute camping trip this past weekend so adjustments had to be made. Anyhoo better late than never right?  Today I want to share some of my great finds for makeup storage with you. And of course no post like this is complete without my standard disclaimer. No I don’t think any of these products are absolutely necessary to organize your space…nice yes, essential no. Sometimes just seeing a product though will give you an idea of how you could re-create or re-purpose it yourself just out of things you have around your house. Whew, now that I’ve said my peace, let’s get on with it shall we :)

Here are some handy dandy storage solutions for all that hair and makeup stuff that seems to clutter our countertops. Clicking on the picture will take you to the source.




Drawer organizers come in a variety of options including acrylic and wooden:





I love these inexpensive interlocking bins:


No vanity space?  How about something for behind your door:


Or underneath your bathroom cabinet.  I did a whole post on this once upon a time.


And of course really cute baskets with daisies are ideal for just about anything :)


Isn’t looking at storage products fun!  I seriously could do this all day!  Which one is your favorite?

Note:  The Mr. Linky for Org Junkie’s Monthly Round-Up will go up on Friday, July 31st.  Join us this month as we organize our makeup and/or hair products!


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13 Responses to Cool Makeup Storage Ideas

  1. 1
    Kristy O'Neal says

    I use a toilet tank magazine holder (like this one) to store my hair dryer and straightener – it keeps both handy, but also out of the way.

  2. 3
    MidwestTwinGirl says

    I love the one with the hair dryer in it!

  3. 4
    brandi says

    I love the pink round one at the top. reminds me of my scrapbooking tote-that I don’t use for scrappin anymore since I haven’t had a chance to do it in tooo long! But I use it for baby stuff by the changing table now! Thanks for the awesome ideas

  4. 5
    Kristen says

    This post makes me think of Kaboodles, which I believe we’ve had a conversation about before. I wonder what ever happend to my purple and pink Kaboodle? Hmmmm….

  5. 8
    Kelly says

    I’ve used a metal circular wine bottle holder to hold my curling iron in my bathroom cabinet. It’s great because I can put my curling iron away while it’s still warm.

  6. 9
    Lisa says

    Great suggestions! My teenage daughter gets make-up this year for back-to-school. With a tiny main bathroom we need all the organization we can get.

  7. 10
    Kerri E says

    I swear my husband was about to build another bathroom for just himself. I admit that I leave makeup out due to being in a hurry. For fathers day I bought Bathroom Storage Cabinets to give me a place to store my stuff. It has worked out great, no more plans to build another bathroom.

  8. 11
    Shannon / Channyne says

    My son learned how to get passed baby locks at 1 yr old so atop my double sink vanity is the bench, with drawers and all hair/make-up products – stacked. I don’t have a lot but it still makes me sad to have to leave it all out in the open… the cords of my hair dryer and straightner are my biggest issue right now they are just in a basket like the one you feature with the daisies. I wish they had retractable cords! Thanks for the inspiration… think I may tackle this area today.

    • 11.1
      Annie J. says

      Great ideas! Yesterday my four month old puppy yanked on my curling iron’s cord, pulling it off the counter. Thank goodness it wasn’t on!


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